(@t: 0 min, 0 sec):
  SCSB Director Mriganka Sur, Ph.D.
  Newton Professor of Neuroscience   MIT

Autism Spectrum Disorders ­ A Clinical Update: More Questions Than Answers
(@t: 30 min, 17 sec)
  Leonard Rappaport, M.D.
  Chief, Division of Developmental Medicine
  Director, Developmental Medicine Center
  Children's Hospital Boston

Brain and Behavioral Differences in Autism
(@t: 1 hr, 02 min, 42 sec)
 John D.E. Gabrieli, Ph.D.
 Grover Hermann Professor of Health Sciences and Technology and Cognitive Neuroscience
 Harvard­MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology (HST)
 Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, MIT

Animal Models for Studying Autism: From Genes to Circuits and Behavior
(@t: 1 hr, 28 min, 37 sec)
 Guoping Feng, Ph.D.
 Poitras Professor of Neuroscience
 Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences and McGovern Institute, MIT

Simons Center for the Social Brain Inaugural Workshop: February 17, 2012

The mission of the Simons Center for the Social Brain is to understand the neural mechanisms underlying social cognition and behavior, and to translate this knowledge into better diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

The Simons Center will study the underlying mechanisms of ASD in both humans and relevant model organisms and systems, as neural correlates of social cognition and behavior exist in diverse species. Experimental approaches will take advantage of MIT's strengths in genetics and genomics, molecular and cell biology, analyses of neural circuits and systems, cognitive psychology, mathematics and engineering.

The Simons Center for the Social Brain is supported by a grant from the Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative. It is the successor program to the Simons Initiative on Autism and the Brain at MIT.