The Simons Center for the Social Brain (SCSB) hosts a variety of regular events for MIT researchers and the wider community to discuss recent progress and research opportunities in autism and developmental brain disorders. The Summer and Fall Poster Sessions highlight autism and social brain research at MIT.

The Simons Center Colloquium Series extends the longstanding Autism and Developmental Disorders Colloquium Series hosted at MIT. This series — a resource for the Boston community — serves as a forum for bringing together basic and clinical researchers working on autism spectrum disorders.

The Simons Center for the Social Brain Lunch Series takes place periodically on Fridays from noon to 1pm. This series has been created in order to foster the exchange of information among researchers interested in autism and the social brain.

In addition, the Simons Center hosts periodic Workshops to highlight aspects of SCSB-sponsored research. Each Workshop provides a forum for interested researchers to speak with current Simons Center researchers and learn about upcoming funding opportunities.

Past Events

Recordings of select SCSB events are available for viewing or download on our Video Page. Browse the pages below for images of Simons Center people and happenings.

2014 Summer UROP Poster Session [images], August 8, 2014.

2013 SCSB Poster Session and Luncheon [images], November 22, 2012.

2013 Summer UROP Poster Session [images], August 9, 2013.

2012 SCSB Poster Session and Luncheon [images], October 26, 2012.

2012 Summer UROP Poster Session and Luncheon [images], August 3, 2012.

Inaugural Event [images], April 11, 2012.