Simons Center Summer UROP Poster Session, 2012

On August 3, The Simons Center for the Social Brain welcomed the MIT community to a poster session featuring summer undergraduate researchers. The event, held in the Simons Center Conference Room on the sixth floor of MIT's Building 46, was attended by students, faculty members, and other researchers. The posters presented are listed below:

Presenter: Asha Albuquerque, Simons Scholar - SAXE LAB
Title: The Pragmatics of Pronouns
Authors: Asha Albuquerque, Rebecca Nappa, Jesse Snedeker, and Rebecca Saxe

Presenter: Dawna Bagherian, Simons Scholar - BEAR LAB
Title: Can chronic mGluR5 antagonism correct a cognitive deficit in a Fragile X mouse model?
Authors: Michael S. Sidorov, Dawna P. Bagherian and Mark F. Bear

Presenter: Alexandra Clemente, MSRP Scholar - SUR LAB
Title: Morphological characterization of MeCP2 Knock-Out cortical neurons in V1
Authors: Alexandra Clemente, Jorge Castro, Gertrudis Perea, Mriganka Sur

Presenter: Samantha Hartzell, Simons Scholar - Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL)
Title: Impaired maternal cholesterol sulfate supply may contribute to autism in developing brains
Authors: Samantha Hartzell, Stephanie Seneff

Presenter: Shannon Kao, Simons Scholar - PICARD LAB, Affective Computing (MIT Media Lab)
Title: Storyscape: A social illustrated primer
Authors: Micah Eckhardt, Shannon Kao

Presenter: Rebecca MacRae, Simons Scholar - FENG LAB
Title: Comparison of Striatal PV-labeled Cells between WT and Sapap3 KO Mice
Authors: Rebecca MacRae, Patricia Monteiro, Guoping Feng

Presenter: Jennifer C Sangliana, Simons Scholar - SCOLNICK LAB, Stanley Center - Broad Institute
Title: Autism Causing De Novo Mutations in Voltage-Gated Sodium Channels
Authors: Jennifer C Sangliana, Xiulin Liu, Jen Pan, Ed Scolnick

Presenter: Victoria D Servin, Amgen Scholar - SUR LAB, Department of Molecular and Cell Biology, University of California, Berkeley
Title: Characterization of an induced pluripotent stem cell model of Rett syndrome
Authors: Victoria Servin, Danielle Feldman, Sally Kwok, Mriganka Sur

Presenter: Rebecca Shi, Simons Scholar - XU LAB
Title: Shank Proteins Differentially Regulate Hippocampal Synaptic Transmission
Patrick T. Redman, Kendrick J. Jones, Rebecca Shi, Weifeng Xu

Presenter: Huaiying (Shan Shan) Wang, Simons Scholar - FENG LAB
Title: The potential role of sonic hedgehog signaling in autism spectrum disorders and intellectual disability
Authors: Huaiying (Shan Shan) Wang, Michael Wells, & Guoping Feng

Presenter: Cathleen Ye, Simons Scholar - GRAYBIEL LAB
Title: Assessment of sterotypies in humanized Foxp2 mice
Authors: Cathleen Ye, Christiane Schreiweis, Ann M Graybiel

Presenter: Joanne Zhou - TONEGAWA LAB
Title: The Role of Dentate Gyrus D1 and D5 Dopamine Receptors in Learning and Memory
Authors: Joanne Zhou, Joshua Sariņana, Julie Moyer, Susumu Tonegawa