UROP Department: Simons Center for the Social Brain (SCSB)
Faculty Supervisor: Varies (see below)
Deadline for Applications: TBA, Winter 2015

The Simons Center for the Social Brain (SCSB) will support full-time UROPs during Spring 2015 for pay.

Project description: Undergraduate research topics may address any aspect of the social brain and its disorders, importantly including autism and related neurocognitive disorders. Topics may include but are not limited to: genes and genetic analyses; other risk factors; epidemiology; developmental time course; animal models; human stem cell models; human brain imaging; behavioral studies; mathematical modeling; biological and cognitive therapies; sensors and aids; and diagnosis and biomarkers.

Applications for Fall 2014 Simons UROPs should include a brief proposal with a clear focus on the social brain and autism spectrum disorders, developed with a faculty mentor who will supervise your work.

If you have a faculty advisor in mind, please work together to develop a two to three page proposal which describes the context and scope of the project, a tentative work plan, your role in the UROP, and what you hope to get out of the experience, both academically and personally. If you do not have a faculty advisor in mind, you can find potential advisors via the SCSB UROP Faculty page and contact them directly.

If you are an MIT student, please submit your proposal to the UROP office. Importantly, you should select the SCSB (Simons Center for the Social Brain) option associated with your faculty mentorís name during the process of completing your online application. The application should be entered as Sponsored Research. Should your project not be among those funded by the Simons Center, it will be automatically considered for Direct Funding through the UROP office.

If you are a Wellesley student, please submit your proposal and signed cover letter to my office (46-6216). Please note, only MIT students, Wellesley undergraduates (through the MIT-Wellesley Exchange Program), and students participating in the Cambridge-MIT Exchange (during their semester(s) of study at MIT) may participate in the MIT/SCSB UROP program.

Simons Center UROPs are supported by the Simons Center for the Social Brain, the mission of which is to understand the neural mechanisms underlying social cognition and behavior, and to translate this knowledge into better diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorders (ASD). The Simons Center seeks proposals from undergraduates interested in studying ASDs from a diversity of perspectives including life sciences, physical sciences, mathematics and engineering.

Contact: Eleana Ricci [ericci@mit.edu], 617-253-9340