UROP Faculty Supervisors

The following is a partial list of faculty who could supervise UROP projects. However, any faculty member can serve as a Simons UROP supervisor.

Polina Anikeeva, AMAX Assistant Professor in Materials Science and Engineering
Research interests:   Biophysics,  Medical,  Nanotechnology
email: anikeeva@mit.edu

Mark Bear, Picower Professor of Neuroscience
Research interests:   brain plasticity,  experience-dependent plasticity,  neurological disease
email: mbear@mit.edu

Ed Boyden, Benesse Career Development Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Research interests:   neuroengineering,  psychiatry,  neural circuits
email: esb@media.mit.edu

Chris Burge, Whitehead Career Development Associate Professor
Research interests:   computational biology,  gene expression
email: cburge@mit.edu

Martha Constantine-Paton, Professor of Biology
Research interests:   synaptogenesis,  development,  disease
email: mcopaton@mit.edu

Robert Desimone, Doris and Don Berkey Professor
Research interests:   visual attention,  neural synchrony,  attention deficit disorder,  Parkinson's disease,  schizophrenia
email: desimone@mit.edu

Guoping Feng, Poitras Professor of Neuroscience
Research interests:   synapse,  circuit,  optogenetics,  OCD,  autism,  bipolar disorder
email: fengg@mit.edu

John Gabrieli, Grover Hermann Professor in Health Sciences and Technology and Cognitive Neuroscience
Research interests:   memory,  brain imaging,  cognition
email: gabrieli@mit.edu

Frank Gertler, Professor of Biology
Research interests:   cell movement,  cell motility,  axon guidance,  cytoskeletal remodeling
email: fgertler@mit.edu

Edward Gibson, Professor of Cognitive Sciences
Research interests:   informational constraints,  language learning,  working memory,  longterm memory
email: egibson@mit.edu

Ann Graybiel, Institute Professor
Research interests:   basal ganglia,  habit learning,  multielectrode recording
email: graybiel@mit.edu

Leonard Guarente, Novartis Professor of Biology
Research interests:   aging
email: leng@mit.edu

Myriam Heiman, Assistant Professor of Neuroscience
Research interests:   neurodegenerative disease,  basal ganglia,  Huntington's Disease,  Parkinson's Disease
email: mheiman@broadinstitute.org

Robert Horvitz, David H. Koch Professor
Research interests:   cell lineage and cell fate,  programmed cell death,  signal transduction,  morphogenesis,  neural development,  behavior,  micro RNAs,  human disease
email: horvitz@mit.edu

David Housman, Virginia & D K Ludwig Professor Cancer Research
Research interests:   genetics,  development,  disease onset
email: dhousman@mit.edu

Richard Hynes, D K Ludwig Professor
Research interests:   cell adhesion,  mouse models,  cancer progression
email: rohynes@mit.edu

Rudolph Jaenisch, Professor of Biology
Research interests:   transgenics,  model organisms
email: jaenisch@wi.mit.edu

Alan Jasanoff, Associate Professor of Biological Engineering
Research interests:   functional MRI,  neural systems,  reward learning
email: jasanoff@mit.edu

Nancy Kanwisher, Walter A. Rosenblith Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience
Research interests:   human cognitive neuroscience,  fMRI,  vision and perception
email: ngk@mit.edu

Douglas Lauffenburger, Ford Professor of Biological Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Biology
Research interests:   receptor regulation of cell function,  receptor/ligand interaction parameters,  signaling network dynamics
email: lauffen@mit.edu

Yingxi Lin, Fred & Carole Middleton Career Development Assistant Professor of Neuroscience
Research interests:   GABAergic synapses,  neuronal activity,  circuit homeostasis
email: yingxi@mit.edu

Stephen Lippard, Arthur Amos Noyes Professor
Research interests:   neurochemistry,  inorganic neurotransmitters,  signal transducers
email: lippard@mit.edu

Troy Littleton, Professor, Departments of Biology and Brain and Cognitive Sciences
Research interests:   synapse formation,  synaptic plasticity,  Drosophila,  gene analysis
email: troy@mit.edu

Earl Miller, Picower Professor of Neuroscience
Research interests:   goal-directed thought,  executive control,  cognition,  attention
email: ekmiller@mit.edu

Elly Nedivi, Associate Professor
Research interests:   synaptic plasticity,  candidate plasticity genes
email: nedivi@mit.edu

Aude Oliva , Associate Professor
Research interests:   image statistics,  computer vision,  computer graphics,  human perception,  cognition,  neuroscience
email: oliva@mit.edu

Rosalind Picard, Professor of Media Arts and Sciences
Research interests:   multidimensional signal modeling,  computer vision,  pattern recognition,  machine learning,  human-computer interaction,  affective computing
email: picard@media.mit.edu

Tomaso Poggio, Eugene McDermott Professor in the Brain Sciences and Human Behavior
Research interests:   computational neuroscience,  vision,  learning theory
email: tp@ai.mit.edu

Mitch Resnick, LEGO Papert Professor of Learning Research
Research interests:   digital expression,  learning through designing,  creative learning
email: mres@media.mit.edu

Rebecca Saxe, Associate Professor of Cognitive Science
Research interests:   development,  social cognition,  neuroimaging
email: saxe@mit.edu

Ed Scolnick, Chief Scientist, Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research
Research interests:   genetic analysis,  schizophrenia,  bipolar disorder
email: scolnick@broad.mit.edu

Pawan Sinha, Professor of Vision and Computational Neuroscience
Research interests:   computational vision,  object recognition
email: psinha@mit.edu

Hazel Sive, Professor of Biology
Research interests:   vertebrate development,  frog,  zebrafish,  genetic analysis
email: sive@wi.mit.edu

Peter So, Professor
Research interests:   fluorescence microscopy and spectroscopy instrumentations,  deep tissue imaging,  functional imaging of cellular systems,  single protein dynamics,  bio-micromechanics
email: ptso@mit.edu

Mriganka Sur, Paul E. Newton Professor of Neuroscience
Research interests:   cerebral cortex,  development, plasticity and dynamics,  brain disorders
email: msur@mit.edu

Joshua Tenenbaum, Professor of Cognitive Science and Computation
Research interests:   bayesian models of cognition,  learning and inference,  computational cognitive science
email: jbt@dmit.edu

Alice Ting, Ellen Swallow Richards Associate Professor of Chemistry
Research interests:   quantum dots,  molecular signaling,  protein imaging,  proteomic analysis
email: ating@mit.edu

Li-Huei Tsai, Picower Professor of Neuroscience
Research interests:   epigenetic regulation of learning and memory,  alzheimer's disease,  neurogenesis
email: lhtsai@mit.edu

Ken Wexler, Professor of Brain & Cognitive Science
Research interests:   linguistic structure,  syntax,  semantics,  pragmatics,  morphology
email: wexler@mit.edu

Weifeng Xu, Assistant Professor of Neuroscience
Research interests:   calcium channels,  plasticity mechanisms,  learning and memory,  synaptic molecules
email: weifeng@mit.edu

Mehmet Fatih Yanik , Associate Professor
Research interests:   high-throughput technologies,  ultrafast optics,  microfluidics,  neuronal regeneration,  coherent photonics
email: yanik@mit.edu

Feng Zhang, Assistant Professor of Neuroscience
Research interests:   neuropsychiatric diseases,  synthetic biology,  neuroengineering
email: zhang_f@mit.edu