Radical Rats

Watch the first episode of Inmost Thoughts above. The full series is available on YouTube!

About Inmost Thoughts

What would you do if you could read people’s thoughts?

That is the question that Vivian, a brand-new MIT freshman, must grapple with after she develops a huge technological breakthrough.

Who are the Radical Rats?

Sarah Coe ‘16 (Showrunner)
After reading one too many behind-the-scenes Q&As, Sarah decided that the only logical course of action was for her to make her own web series. (Yes, Sarah is a little addled.) The only tiny impediments were that she had no background in theatre or film and couldn’t tell a gaffer from gaff tape. Fortuitously, there are shiny, multi-talented people growing on trees around the MIT campus, so Sarah was quickly buoyed by the bubbly force of genius in others. She is infinitely grateful to her comrades for the chance to be excited and stressed and overjoyed all along this journey. She hopes you’ll enjoy the show!
Jake Gunter ‘16 (Production Manager)
Jake comes primarily from a background in live theatre. Working on a filmed web series is a big change of pace—Jake still isn’t sure whether filming multiple takes of a scene is cheating, or an exercise in iterative improvement…
Hunter Guarino ‘15 (Locations and Social Media Manager, Production Designer)
Hunter is a Jewish, karate-gold-medal-winning, tango dancing, owl-loving, Sherlock Holmes aficionado studying Mechanical Engineering from Alaska. She enjoys doing as many things as possible to add to her rather eclectic list of personal descriptions. Ask her anything about MIT, RRS, or Next Act!
Quentin Smith ‘10 (Director of Photography)
Quentin likes playing with cool technology, and is here to make sure all the cameras do their jobs.
Cathleen Nalezyty ‘16 (Production Staff, Recruitment Lead)
Clare Zhang ‘16 (Publicity)
Clare likes green tea and ice cream (and green tea ice cream). She does digital art and design as a hobby and studies Materials Science (with the hopes of working in Aerospace materials!). You will likely find her scrolling down Tumblr (her entire feed is comprised of cats, Sherlock, and Avatar/The Legend of Korra). (Clare also really likes parentheses.)
Will Ourlser ‘15 (Screenwriter)
Will is a course 6-2 person who enjoys exploring robotics, AI, Applied Cryptography, and the wonderful spaces where they overlap with each other.
Ellen Finch ‘14 (Screenwriter)
Ellen is not actually a writer but does really enjoy editing things.
Nicole B. Dalton (Wendy)
Nicole is a Tennessee native with a love for the arts. She has recently been seen out and around in Boston acting in various theatre performances and films such as:
Songs of the Dragon Flying to Heaven* (Apollinaire Theatre Company), The Girl with Three Arms (Bostonia Bohemia), The Foreigner (Sea Change Theatre Co.), along with several short films. She currently resides in Massachusetts with her cute and rebellious dog, Malto. She also teaches Suzuki Acting at Brandeis University and Speech & Debate at Needham High School. Dalton has spent the last three years working on her Master of Fine Arts in Acting from Brandeis University.
Cindy Harrington (Professor Dyson)
Cindy has just re-started her acting career after many years of raising four kids. Her most recent endeavors include several student films, a few shorts, and a feature film. Currently, she is playing Desiree in A Little Night Music at Eventide Arts on Cape Cod. She grew up in Cambridge. So, it was a treat for her to come back to town and shoot at MIT.
Sally Guthrie ‘14 (Vivian)
Sally is a Computational Biologist who dabbles in acting and singing. She has appeared in the ensemble in the MIT Mikado, Jesus Christ Superstar, Hack, Punt, Tool, and The Rocky Horror Show. Currently she is working at a start-up in Boston.
Loren Sherman ‘17 (Visual Effects)
Ever since one fateful filmmaking birthday party in fourth grade, Loren has been involved in special effects for film. Need something to happen that can’t happen in real life? He’ll do it in post! Loren is responsible for the mind reader interface in Inmost Thoughts, and finds it way too entertaining to make little punctuation marks pop up over actors’ heads. He also makes languages and computer games.
Holden Lee ‘13
As a Math major, Holden normally deals with numbers. He definitely has a gift with words as well, however, as a talented member of the screenwriting team.
Kristin Zimmerman ‘15
Kristin Zimmerman is a junior at MIT studying Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in design. She enjoys spending time with her goats, writing, watching movies, and pursuing random projects that combine both art and engineering. Visit the following link for a bit of shameless self-promotion.
Madeleine Sheldon-Dante ‘07
Alums are just as welcome at Radical Rat Studios! Madeleine studied Physics, and Writing and Humanistic Studies. As a screen writer, she helps develop the story and write individual episodes.
Jacqueline Kory G
Jacqueline is a graduate student in Media Arts and Sciences and is another one of our passionate and creative screenwriters.
Darryl Williams ‘14
A Material Scientist by day, after removing his lab coat, Darryl is part of the dedicated Rad Rat writing and editing teams.
Marisa Nienberg ‘17
For a small, student-run operation, keeping tracking of funds is a crucial job. Rad Rat is glad to have Marisa managing our budget.