MIT Spinning Arts

Student Cable worked with the MIT Spinning Arts Club to film fire-spinning performances on campus, including an original fire-spinning play, Yaoi on Fire. Videos can be found in our playlist on YouTube.

MIT Rare Books

Student Cable worked with MIT's rare books in the Special Collections to delve into their rare books library. Join us as we take a look at some famous old books, a book that's been into space, and a book by President Hoover personally signed for an MIT President.

A Modern Rendition of Faustus

Student Cable made a short film that's a modern adaptation of Christopher Marlowe's Doctor Faustus. "A young freshman sells their soul to MIT in exchange for a computer science degree. They find out that this new "magic" might not be worth the price they've had to pay for it."

Faustus is now available on YouTube! Check it out and subscribe to our channel to see the other content we put out.

Inmost Thoughts

Take a look at our information for the inmost thoughts premiere.

The entire webseries of Inmost Thoughts is now available on YouTube!

IHTFP Film Hackathon

Spring of 2015, Student Cable hosted a film hackathon. Filmmakers and potential filmmakers were given access to our equipment and plenty of help from experienced club members to create their own ultra-short video and submit it to our competition! Find more info here and view the completed entries on YouTube.

MIT Mystery Hunt

Student Cable filmed and streamed the MIT Mystery Hunt 2015 Kickoff and Wrap-up live. Although the Hunt is now over, the recorded versions are still available for access.


Check out Prototype, our short film created in Fall 2013. Watch Inmost Thoughts, the sequel to Prototype, on YouTube!