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The MIT Scuba Club is an organization of divers with various affiliations to MIT. We host talks, plan dives, have cookouts and other activities that are open to certified divers and those who are interested in learning this sport.

MIT Scuba Club dive at Magnolia Rocks, June 2003. (Click here to see full size image.)

We have a fresh supply of new MIT Scuba Club t-shirts for sale, and they are RED!

View photos of new t-shirt: back; front

Short sleeve (XL, L, M, S): $14
Long sleeve (XL, L, M, S): $19

Contact Gigi Lirot or Robert Granetz for more information. We will bring a selection of shirts to the next couple of MIT Scuba Club meetings.

MIT Scuba Club 2011 Event Schedule

 3 : Club Dive, Cathedral rocks. Email Bill Herrington for more info.
 10 : Club Dive, Cape Ann. Contact Nikolai or the club officers (scuba-officers at for more info.


 24 : Club Dive, Nubble Light, Maine, Email Bill Herrington for more info.

 1 : Club Dive, location and time To Be Determined. Contact Bill or the club officers for more info.

As we approach the end of the season, we are going to try to get something going on just about every
weekend. For the most up to date information, check postings on the club mailing list. Mailing List 
details here.

Descriptions of dive sites can be found at the Dive Sites page.

E-mail comments and suggestions to the Dive Coordinator (to be determined)

Check out the gallery of dive reports for 2009, as well as recent past years.

Don't forget to renew your membership for 2011!

If you don't already dive, it's time to learn. Join the MIT Physical Education lottery or enroll in an open water class at a local dive shop.

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