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The Gear Guide is meant to help with purchasing decisions. If you are a member of the MIT community and you would like to rent gear, please go to the gear rental page.

Purchasing scuba gear can be a confusing and frustrating task, but it doesn't have to be. There are numerous options for getting outfitted, depending on your budget and preferences. However, the one thing that most divers agree on is the added level of comfort and safety that comes with diving in your own gear that you know well.

The most important factor when buying gear is fit. Scuba gear needs to fit you physically as well as fit the tasks you will Fit is critical to the gear working properly.

New and used gear

Generally, gear falls into two categories: new and used. There are pros and cons to buying both new and used gear. New gear comes with warranties, incorporates all of the newest advances, and is readily available at your local dive shop or through the internet. Used gear offers a significant price advantage for equipment which often functions perfectly. What to buy just depends on your budget and needs.

The catch-22 to buying gear is that the better you know gear, the better you are able to make purchasing decisions, but you only get to know gear by using it - either through buying or renting it!

A note for internet buyers. Some scuba equipment such as exposure suits and masks require a good fit. Unless you know exactly which size is right, you need to try on the gear before you buy it.

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