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MIT Scuba Club Membership

Who Can Join?
Anyone affiliated with MIT (including students, staff, faculty, alums, Wellesley and Harvard students, and their families) is welcome to join the MIT scuba club.

Why Join?
Being a member of the scuba club entitles you to rent gear at reduced rates and also to rent special items such as dive computers, wreck reels, and the club's underwater cameras. Club membership also gives you priority on club-organized events such as club dives, aquarium tours, and whale watching trips.

Club dues go towards buying new gear for the club, food, drink and speaker gratuities for the monthly club meetings, and organizing special events. A list of members who are paid-up for this calendar year can be found at the members list page.

How do I Join?
To become a member of the scuba club you just need to fill out

1. a membership and MIT waiver form
2. a cheque for $10 made out to MIT Scuba Club and
3. if certified, a photocopy of your scuba certification

and send them to the the Club Secretary:

Robert Granetz
MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center
Room NW17-184
175 Albany Street
Cambridge, MA 02139
Phone: 1-617-253-8634
Fax: 1-617-253-0627

You will be listed on the online membership page for the current calendar year, and you will be eligible to rent gear at reduced rates (click here for more information).

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