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Places to get gear

Most of the companies that sell underwater hockey specific gear are online. Here are a few vendors to give you a flavour for what's out there.

CanAm Underwater Hockey Gear (Michigan)
Equal Puck (Quebec)
Bent Fish Designs (UK)
Breier Underwater Hockey Fins (Belgium)
Mat Mas Underwater Hockey Fins (Italy)

Random underwater hockey information

There's lots of information out there on the web, but, it's hard to get it all in one place...

A list of World Championship Results from 1980 onwards. More detailed results from later tournaments can be found here
The Wikipedia entry on underwater hockey
The Americas Cup Underwater Hockey Championship
The World Underwater Federation hockey page
Underwater hockey official CMAS rules Volume 1 and Volume 2

National Hockey Associations

Underwater hockey is a worldwide sport and here are a selection of the national bodies that represent Underwater hockey around the world!

USA Underwater Hockey
Canadian Underwater Games Association
Underwater Hockey Australia
Underwater Hockey New Zealand
British Octopush Association
Underwater Hockey South Africa
French Underwater Hockey Commission
Dutch Underwater Hockey