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Agenda Friday, October 14, 2005   |   Saturday, October 15, 2005


We are delighted to have speakers, panelists and attendees from diverse areas of academia and industry at this workshop.

The schedule of talks may be found here.

The presentations may be downloaded here .

A survey article on random matrix theory (stochastic eigen-analysis) may be found here.

A list of commonly used acronyms may be found here.

Speaker Affiliation
Arthur Baggeroer MIT
Daniel Bliss MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Ron Butler Colorado State University
Harry Cox Lockheed Martin Orincon Defense
Claire Debever University of California, San Diego
Laura Dipietro MIT
Alan Edelman MIT
Keith Forsythe MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Alex Gershman Darmstadt University (Germany)
Joseph Guerci DARPA
Babak Hassibi Caltech
Iain Johnstone Stanford University
Shawn Kraut MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Jian Li University of Florida
Tom Marzetta Lucent Technologies
Xavier Mestre CTTC (Spain)
Sanjoy Mitter MIT
José Moura Carnegie-Mellon University
Robb Muirhead Pfizer
Ralf Müller NTNU (Norway)
Arye Nehorai University of Illinois, Chicago
Norm Owsley ONR
Debashis Paul UC Davis
Arogyaswami Paulraj Stanford University
James Preisig WHOI
N. Raj Rao MIT
Christ Richmond MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Anna Scaglione Cornell University
Louis Scharf Colorado State University
Steven Smith MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Henrik Schmidt MIT
Heechun Song University of California, San Diego
Tim Toolan University of Rhode Island
Donald Tufts University of Rhode Island
Harry Van Trees George Mason University