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Our longer term objective is inspired by the fortuitious meeting of Montgomery and Dyson over tea at Princeton that led to the remarkable connection between the Riemann-Zeta hypothesis and random matrix theory. If the past is any indicator of the future, then it seems as though every time a new scientific or engineering community has "rediscovered" random matrices, then a whole new set of applications and possibilities seems to open up.

We are delighted to have non-specialists attend the workshop and have hence requested the speakers to make the material accessible to a broader audience composed of scientists, mathematicians and engineers. Please feel free to drop an email to the workshop organizers if you plan to attend the workshop.

A highlight of this conference is a focus on signal processing and statistical applications. These talks will be held in the first two days of the workshop.

Some of the theory and applications that will be showcased in this workshop are listed below.

Theory Applications
Free Probability Array and Signal Processing
Eigenvalue Fluctuations Principal Component Analysis
Orthogonal Polynomials Krylov Subspace Methods
Large Random Matrix Theory Multivariate Statistics
Random Walks Network and queuing theory
Universality Phenomenon Multivariate Statistics
Statistics on Manifolds Signal Processing
Stochastic Operator Theory Multiuser Detection
Multivariate Orthogonal Polynomials Multivariate Statistics
Statistical Eigen-Inference Econometrics and Finance
Random Graphs Biological Networks