The SEBC Mission

SEBC (Science and Engineering Business Club) was founded on the belief that while MIT provides its students with an excellent foundation in science and engineering, the successful businessman requires opportunities and skills that cannot be bestowed in any classroom setting. Through our extensive selection of events, our organization works to provide our 1650+ members with both an expansive business network and a solid mentorship base, enabling students to fully utilize their science and engineering backgrounds in launching strong businesses.

What Sets SEBC Apart?

  • First, our organization is characterized by a rare comprehensive outreach, encompassing MIT undergraduates as well as graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. By extending ourselves across both the Sloan School of Management Science and the MIT science and engineering community, we draw from a truly diverse collection of perspectives, ideas, and talents.
  • In addition, our division into focus groups is completely unique to SEBC. We realize that business is a multi-faceted field and business students come in many types. Through this organizational strategy, we ensure that our group caters to the specific needs of each individual, regardless of whether they lean towards finance, consulting, technology and entrepreneurship, or marketing.