Gramify offers a new way to help socially networked consumers send a fun and emotionally-engaging alternative to greeting cards and e-cards. We sell voice greetings that feature the actual voice of celebrities (e.g., Tom Brady) and fictional characters (e.g., Homer Simpson). We license content from media and entertainment conglomerates who we have worked with in the past. Delivery is automated and content is personalized. In 1875, the tradition of sending paper greetings was born in the US. Since then, the industry has changed very little. E-cards and writing birthday messages on Facebook walls have changed the way we greet one another, but not in a way that addresses the needs of today's digitally-empowered, content-thirsty consumers. For today's consumers, paper greeting cards, E-cards, and Facebook birthday messages aren't a relevant way to make senders feel like they are doing something special and recipients to experience an unforgettable moment. Gramify offers personalized voice greetings that are relevant to today's tech-savvy consumers. We are a good match for MIT students who want to impact a startup with a fun, relevant offering that appeals to digitally connected masses.

Project Summaries:

  2. What is the overlap between our customer and the traditional greeting customer (e.g., demographics, lifestyle, values, consumer psychology, marketing channels)? How would you segment customers, prioritize the segments, and determine the methods to acquire priority segments?

  4. Where does the value of our offering come from? In other words, how much of the price can be attributed to star power, delivery methods, convenience, customization, etc? How would you structure the pricing (e.g., ala carte, subscription) and how much would you charge?

  6. What other markets should we consider? What currently available products/services can our service complement? What future applications/markets should we consider in 2-3 years? How appealing are the size, competitive landscape, and timing of these markets?

Gramify will provide needed contacts, information, and materials to assist students in accomplishing these project objectives. We look forward to working with you.


Past Companies


We got some good and surprising information out of the project. I have data points on competitors and other companies in the space I never would have found on my own.
Jim Lucchese
CEO, Echonest