Levant Power


Levant Power is a manufacturer of semi-active, regenerative valves that can be used in shock absorbers and energy harvesting devices. In vehicles, these valves convert bumps in the road into electricity that can improve fuel economy and vehicle range, while providing improved ride and handling. It is this combination that is fueling interest from truck, bus, rail, automotive and military vehicle manufacturers and suppliers. Adapted to the ocean, Levant’s valves capture wave energy and convert wave oscillations into electricity to power communications, navigation, lighting, sensors and other critical applications. Levant is presently building GenShock for vehicles and OceanGen for wave energy conversion.

Project Summaries:

  1. Development of value proposition for key markets: truck, bus, military, rail, auto, ocean
  2. Characterization of market potential in key markets: truck, bus, military, rail, auto, ocean
  3. Development of value chain from raw materials, through production, packaging, marketing, distribution and channels
  4. Identification of appropriate partners for various responsibilities along the value chain (sourcing, sub-system production, final-system production, branding, marketing, distribution, installation, warranty and repair, etc)
  5. Competitive analysis of alternatives and substitutes to GenShock and OceanGen


Past Companies


We got some good and surprising information out of the project. I have data points on competitors and other companies in the space I never would have found on my own.
Jim Lucchese
CEO, Echonest