Imagine a complete fitness monitoring system that can track every aerobic and anaerobic exercise you do. System capable of monitoring reps of every exercise, calorie burned, vital signs such as heart rate and skin temperature. Such a system could revolutionize health and fitness industry. We could help fitness enthusiasts optimize their training to maximize output of their work out. This is the goal of TrakBug.

Project Summaries:

  2. The objective is to identify an appropriate market-entry strategy for TrakBug. The students need to identify a disruptive market-entry strategy and develop a report on the following:
      a.Basic market sizing and segmentation
      b.Compare and contrast current Health & Fitness devices
      c.Compare and contrast data analytics that competitors provide on user fitness data
      d.Competitive landscape and key differentiators
      e.Come up with punchy marketing tagline

  4. The objective is to recommend a compelling user experience to potential customers. This process would involve conducting surveys, interviews, developing scenarios, etc, to suggest an experience that highlights TrakBug's value proposition and differentiation (from existing Health & Fitness devices)

TrakBug is very receptive to ideas from students and encourages suggestions for projects.


Past Companies


We got some good and surprising information out of the project. I have data points on competitors and other companies in the space I never would have found on my own.
Jim Lucchese
CEO, Echonest