VirMark allows you to find whatever you’re looking for! Be it to find new customers or to make your next hire, VirMark can connect you with your target audience effectively. We do this by encouraging the viral spreading of your message through social networks using our patent pending algorithm. With VirMark, customers pay for results, not for eyeballs. Effective message spreading is also highly important for political campaigns. As such, we are also working on a product that uses our technology for the next US presidential campaign.

Project Summaries:

We have a some projects that the students can pick to work on. Some of the areas that would be interesting to us are as follows:

  1. Sharpen how our message is delivered to the end user
  2. Market intelligence
  3. Revenue models analysis
  4. Product-Market Fit Analysis


Past Companies


We got some good and surprising information out of the project. I have data points on competitors and other companies in the space I never would have found on my own.
Jim Lucchese
CEO, Echonest