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Get an MIT ID Card

What are the different types of ID cards?

Please visit Get an MIT ID.

How do I renew/reactivate my MIT ID card?

Please visit Replacement Cards.

What are your hours of operation?

Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.

What do I need to bring to get my ID?

Please bring one of the following valid IDs to Card Services: passport, U.S. driver’s license, or U.S. government issued picture ID

I lost my card, how do I get a new one?

Please visit Replacement Cards.

What kind of payment is accepted?

We accept TechCash, credit/debit cards, cash or checks.

Do I need two cards if I'm both a student and an employee? If I'm an alumni and an employee?

No. You are only allowed one active card on campus. Student employees keep their student IDs while still actively students. If you are an alumnus and become an employee, you must destroy your alumni card.


How do I get my MIT ID card activated for access to my lab/residency/building?

Please visit Building Access.

I forgot my MIT ID card and need to get access to my office. Who do I contact?

Contact your department administrator. After hours, please call MIT Police.

How do I activate my MIT ID Card for parking access?

Contact the Parking and Transportation Office.

What should I do when my MIT ID card will not grant access to a secured area that I am authorized to have?

If your department requires that you have access to a secure space, you must contact the departmental administrator who is the gatekeeper for the area you are trying to access. For a listing of gatekeepers, contact your department administrator or

After hours, please call 617-258-7366.

Can I use my card to access Lincoln Lab?

No. You will need to speak with the Lincoln Lab Security Office to get a Lincoln Lab ID.

Will my new card give me the access to the same doors as my old card?

As long as your card has not been expired for more than two weeks, your new card will allow you to access all the same doors as your old card.

I am a Gatekeeper and I cannot access CCURE or add a clearance for a member of the staff or a student. Who do I contact?

Email the IS&T Campus Safety and Security Infrastructure team. A representative from the office will determine what needs to be done to resolve the issue.

Old or Expired Cards

I just replaced my ID. What happens to the old card?

The card is deactivated. If you find it, you should dispose of it because deactivated cards can NOT be reactivated.

Can I keep my expired ID as a memento?

Yes, if your expired ID is one of the following: student ID, affiliate ID, spouse/partner ID, or DLC-sponsored ID. NOT if your ID is an Employee or Alumni ID.

Non-MIT Employees

Can my spouse/partner get an MIT ID Card?

As long as you are an MIT student, employee, retiree or alumni with a valid MIT ID, yes. You must first complete an online Spouse/Partner ID Application.

Once you receive notification from Card Services that your request has been approved, your spouse/partner should bring the following items to Card Services to get his or her ID:

  • Your valid MIT ID (i.e., the MIT ID of the current student or employee)
  • A valid U.S. driver's license, U.S. passport, or U.S. government issued picture ID
  • Legal proof of your relationship in the form of a marriage certificate, joint checking account statement that lists both names, a mortgage or lease that list both names, or a current utility bill that lists both names.

Please note: The MIT Spouse/Partner Card can be assigned residence hall and/or parking privileges if proof of necessity is supplied to your house manager and/or the Parking and Transportation Office respectively.

Our DLC will be hosting visitors on campus. How can we get MIT ID cards for them?

Please complete this online form.

We're hosting a conference on campus and need ID cards and possibly parking reserved for attendees. What do I do?

Complete an online conference card order form.

Photo Services

Can I get a digital copy of my ID Photo?

Yes. For details, please visit Photo Services.

Can I give you a photo to use for my ID?

Yes. Visit from a computer with your certificate installed, and you can use your MIT ID number to upload your own photo before coming to the Card Office for an ID. Otherwise, we will take your photo with our equipment in the office.

What size is the passport photo?

The U.S. standard size—two inch square (2"x2" or 50mm x 50 mm) with a head size of 1 3/8ths inch (1 3/8" or 35 mm) against a white background, foreground lit. We cannot provide you the digital copy, only the hard copy.

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