Mad Money
We are raising funds to build and support our MIT community, as students and for students.  
2018 Class Participation
54% Complete
Congratulations to us, Class of 2018! On June 30, 2018 our class reached a 54% participation rate. That means we raised over $15,000 from members of the class, plus an additional $21,000 from our alumnus Challenger Rob Scalea ’75.
2018’s Challenge
This year’s Senior Gift Challenger, Rob Scalea ’77 has our backs! He wants to support MIT students and inspire us to do the same. The more members of the Class of 2018 who participate in the Senior Gift Challenge, the more Rob will give to Mad Money Grants.
Here’s How it Works
2018 Participation
Challenge Reward
Rob is an active Alumnus and current Chair of MIT’s Annual Fund Board. Much of his involvement with the Institute has centered on programs for students and recent graduates, but he has also been dedicated to helping advance MIT’s efforts in its “Campaign for a Better World”. Rob is challenging our class to demonstrate our commitment to support fellow students and to help shape the future of MIT through participation in our Senior Gift.

Rob is doing so, in part, to honor the legacy of his classmate and friend, Dr. Renan A. Beckman.
Mad Money Grants
Funded solely by the Senior Gift Challenger since 2012, Mad Money Grants are a resource for MIT students to build and strengthen our community. The SAO awards grants to fund student groups to launch initiatives, travel, and purchase equipment. This year, MIT Admissions will also award Mad Money Grants for CPW events that promote community across campus.
Recent Mad Money Grant recipients
A Capella Studio Renovation
A Mad Money Grant funded the renovation of the MIT a cappella recording studio in 2016. The new space can now accommodate group rehearsals and recording sessions. It features a single-voice isolation booth, and can record high-quality audio and video. The studio has become a place for the MIT a cappella community to come together.
Alpine Ski Team
A Mad Money Grant enabled the Alpine Ski Team to purchase 15 custom speed suits for the 2013-2014 ski season. Sleek and aerodynamic, the suits are critical for peak performance. In a sport where speed is vital and victory may be determined by hundredths of a second, proper attire is essential.
TravlerPack (Formerly DuraBlanket)
A group of MIT students benefited from a Mad Money Grant for their startup TravlerPack: a durable,waterproof blanket that doubles as a sleeping bag and a backpack. This was designed for the millions of refugees worldwide who struggle to carry their belongings and sleep comfortably. Grant money was also used to send these students to London for the Hult Prize regional competition for humanitarian startups.
Rocket Team
Using their Mad Money Grant, MIT’s Rocket Team was able to transition from their award-winning solid propellant engine to their newly developed liquid bipropellant engine, Viper2. This required the team to develop new infrastructure, materials, fabrication methods, and supplies— an excellent opportunity for students to solve complicated engineering problems and within the aerospace engineering field.
Camp Kesem
With the support of a Mad Money Grant, Camp Kesem at MIT held their first weekend-long counselor retreat in April 2016. The retreat focused on creating a sense of community among the 80 counselors in attendance. The counselors worked in groups to practice handling difficult camper scenarios, as well as meaningful ceremonies like Empowerment and Fireside. At the end of the weekend, counselors left with new friendships and lasting memories.
MIT Sustainability Club
A Mad Money Grant permitted the MIT Sustainability Club to host MIT’s first Clean Earth Hackathon in April 2015. Students from MIT and surrounding schools, area professionals, and industry and government representatives gathered to tackle real-life sustainability challenges. Participants developed and presented concrete solutions concerning natural resource management, mobility in the modern world, environmentally conscious design and (re)fueling the next generation.
In 2015, MIT’s hip-hop dance team, Ridonkulous, celebrated their 10th anniversary with exciting additions to their annual Footwork Showcase. The support of a Mad Money Grant allowed Ridonkulous to bring well-known professional choreographer Ellen Kim to MIT. Following the success of Footwork, Ridonkulous and Ellen Kim hosted a series of dance workshops for the greater MIT community.
MIT Mirchi
With the support of a Mad Money Grant, the MIT Mirchi dance team traveled to Miami in November 2014, for Dance Ke Deewane, a national intercollegiate Bollywood-fusion dance competition. The team placed second among some of the best Bollywood-fusion dance teams in the country. Since competing, MIT Mirchi has been invited to showcase its talent across the US.
MIT Bhangra
The support of a Mad Money Grant allowed the MIT Bhangra team to travel to Dallas to compete in the prestigious Bhangra Blitz competition in February of 2014. The team won second place, allowing MIT to make its mark in the collegiate Bhangra circuit. The team’s experience created a strong sense of camaraderie and a deepened passion for Bhangra dance.
MIT Cycling
The MIT Cycling club received a Mad Money Grant in the spring of 2014 to renovate the club’s indoor cycling space and install a state-of-the-art multi-rider setup for power-based training. The club’s new equipment allows cyclists to use power threshold tests to set power levels for training, receive aggregated heat rate data, and track progress.
MIT Ohms
A Mad Money Grant allowed MIT’s South Asian a cappella group, the MIT Ohms, to travel to Baltimore for Humari Awaaz on May 3, 2014. The annual showcase is hosted by Johns Hopkins University and features South Asian a cappella groups from across the country, fusing South Asian melodies and rhythms with mainstream Western music.
Art of Living at MIT
Supported by a Mad Money Grant, the Art of Living at MIT hosted a campus-wide Yoga Remix on May 16, 2013, a unique event that combined yoga and meditation with live music in a dance club atmosphere. From a band singing Sanskrit chants, to glow sticks, students were able to relax, dance, and celebrate in a creative, substance-free environment.
Where is my money going?
What influenced your time at MIT? How do you want to support MIT students into the future? You get to choose what your Senior Gift supports!
Here are some ideas:
Scholarship Support/Unrestricted
Student Clubs/Living Groups
Research and Education
Student Wellness and Support
The Senior Gift is the total amount of gifts made by members of the senior class during the Senior Gift Campaign. All gifts, regardless of designation, are included in the total.
Although the minimum to participate is $5, the average Senior Gift is about $35.
Before Senior Week, 6/3/18.
Online, find a Senior Gift volunteer—there are plenty of us, look for our table in lobby 10 or the student center throughout the year—or at a Senior Gift event.
We accept all payment types: Cash, Credit, PayPal, Tech Cash, and even a check if you have one!
We don’t have one! Give to any MIT fund of your choice and your gift will help earn the challenge reward for Mad Money Grants.
Nope, that’s just a fund for the challenger, but there are plenty of great options: the Unrestricted Fund, Scholarships, Student Clubs, DAPER, Student Life and Wellness, UROP’s. Just ask a Senior Gift volunteer if you are having trouble deciding!
All Senior Gift donors will be recognized on our online roster, as well as a donor honor roll booklet at Commencement. Those who stretch with a $100 gift will be offered membership in the William Barton Rogers Society, the Institute’s leadership giving society. Members of the society are invited to regional events, exclusive to WBRS donors, from Commencement weekend through June 30, 2018! Class of 2018 WBRS members will also be recognized in the Commencement issue of The Tech, as well as in the 2017-2018 MIT William Barton Rogers Society Annual Report.
The Players
Kate Scott
Kate Scott / Senior Gift, Co-Chair
Course: 3 - Material Science
Living Group: Sigma Kappa
“After four years at MIT, I appreciate that many of the opportunities I've had are because of the amazing philanthropy of MIT's donors. I joined Senior Gift to start a tradition of giving in my class and promote every person's ability to give back to what they think makes MIT special.”
Mandy Lee
Mandy Lee / Senior Gift, Co-Chair
Course: 2A - Sustainable and Global Development, Minor in 14
Living Group: Maseeh
I joined Senior Gift to help others recognize what things have made their MIT experience better, and give them the opportunity to promote those activities for future MIT students. For me, this has been groups and programs such as the Varsity Softball team, the Cambridge-MIT Exchange program, and MISTI experiences which have been invaluable in making me who I am today.
Tomi Adelusi
Tomi Adelusi
Course 2
Phi Delta
Neil Aggarwal
Neil Aggarwal
Course 3
Next House
Coral Bays-Muchmore
Coral Bays-Muchmore
Social Media Coordinator
Course 5, Minor 7
Burton-Conner / Sigma Kappa
Billy Caruso
Billy Caruso
Course 6-3
De Xin Chen
De Xin Chen
Course 2
Alpha Delta Phi
Hannah Chen
Hannah Chen
Course 6
Off Campus / Alpha Phi
Haley Cope
Haley Cope
Course 21-1
East Campus
Deanna Delgado
Deanna Delgado
Course 1
Alpha Chi Omega
Ayomide Fatunde
Ayomide Fatunde
Course 10
Sigma Kappa
Jack Gordon
Jack Gordon
Events Coordinator
Course 6-3
Zeta Psi
Erick Hernandez
Erick Hernandez
Course 3
Taylor Herr
Taylor Herr
Zoe Hinton
Zoe Hinton
Course 2A
Simmons Hall / Alpha Chi Omega
Thank you to all of our generous classmates who made their Senior Gift this year.
Donors as of 06/04/18
Helen Abadiotakis
Ali Abdalla
Chantal Acacio
Virginia Adams
Oluwatomisin Adelusi
Taylor Adler
Neil Aggarwal
Deepti Ajjampore
Mehmet Efe Akengin
Sarah Aladetan
Alan Alahmad
Abdulmohsen Alowayed
Julian Alverio
Alberto Ancona
Abigail Anderson
Nina Anwar
Kyle Archer
Maryam Archie
Bettina Arkhurst
Cameron Arnet
Tyler Ashoff
Yasemin Atiyas
Emmanuel Azuh
Charles Bachmeier
Annamarie Bair
Ayesha Bajwa
Dana Balek
Daniel Bausher-Belton
Coral Bays-Muchmore
Samuel Belden
Andrew Beller
Andrew Bent
Lee Bernick
Preksha Bhagchandani
Sravya Bhamidipati
Sanchit Bhattacharjee
Elizabeth Bianchini
Aritro Biswas
Eva Boal
Venita Boodhoo
Isaiah Borne
Yonah Borns-Weil
Leigh Braswell
Richard Bratten
Molly Brennan
Kyle Bridburg
Austin Brown
Evan Brown
Steven Browne
Amelia Bryan
Robert Bugliarelli
Jake Burga
Rachel Burns
David Bustillos
Reva Butensky
Alejandro Cabrales Hernandez
Katherine Camenzind
Gregory Cartagena
William Caruso
Kelsey Chan
Jessica Chang
Ivy Chang
Shivani Chauhan
Briana Chavez
Yasmin Chavez
Arturo Chavez-Gehrig
De Xin Chen
Hannah Chen
Jessica Chen
Nicole Chesnokov
Zareen Choudhury
Mark Chounlakone
Matthew Chun
Lillian Clark
John Clarke
Haley Cope
Diego Cornejo
Robert Craig
Caralyn Cutlip
Emily Damato
Kolby Danner
Sonya Das
Madhurima Das
Kimberly Dauber
Allison Davanzo
Graham Davis
Ronald Davis
Alyssa Dayan
Hugh Day-Williams
Chaarushena Deb
Michael Delaus
Deanna Delgado
David Dellal
Cedric Delmy
Natalie Delumpa-Alexander
Alexander Derry
Robert Disanto
Corinne Drysdale
Peter Duerst
Elizabeth Eastman
Yannick Eatmon
Mary Eccles
Laura Eckman
Yoeal Efrem
Hamilton Eng
Dane Erickson
Noel Esparza
Camilo Espinosa
Nana-Efua Essuman
Charles Ezeugwu
Xueqi Fan
Jessica Fang
Ayomide Fatunde
Vahid Fazel-Rezai
Ignacio Fernandez
Jane Fessenden
Samantha Fierro
Fabrice Fils-Aime
Danielle Finney
Evelyn Florentine
Logan Ford
Michael Forstmann
Carrie Fowle
Terran Fox
Nestor Franco
Anna Frederich
Benjamin Freed
Bryson Galapon
Alexander Galitskiy
Dominic Gallegos
Chloe Garden
Elizabeth Gaylord
Paolo Gentili
Abraham Gertler
Melissa Gianello
Jesse Gibson
Gabriel Ginorio
Margalit Glasgow
Vickram Goel
Michelle Goffreda
Leah Goggin
Daysi Gomez
Justin Gong
Aaron Gonzalez
Omar Gonzalez
Beatriz Gonzalez
Samuel Gordon
John Gordon
Julia Goupil
Eytan Gross
Sarah Grunsfeld
Kathleen Guerra
Cesar Guerrero
Ryan Gulland
Amber Guo
Haoyu Guo
Anika Gupta
Joel Gustafson
Nicole Habibe Burgos
Andrew Hall
Connor Hanlon
Benjamin Harpt
Shannon Harrison
Cathryn Hart
Abigail Harvey
Alasdair Hastewell
Rachel Hausmann
Ryan Hays
Anna Heidt
David Heller
Efraim Helman
Justin Herald
Andrea Herman
Erick Hernandez
Alissandra Hillis
Zoe Hinton
Stacy Ho
Kelly Hoffman
Jennifer Hofmann
Vivian Hu
Brian Huang
Ada Huang
Kung-Tao Huang
Jonathan Hurowitz
Mitchell Hwang
Omar Ibarra
Richard Ibekwe
Kamoya Ikhofua
Renae Irving
Alexa Jaeger
Riya Jagetia
Maya Jay
Adarsh Keshav Jeewajee
Oliver Jia-Richards
Jenny Jin
Zhaozheng Jin
Quinlan Johns
Nathaniel Johnson
Cory Johnson
Clay Jones
Jasmin Joseph
Amir Karamlou
Allison Kaslow
Abigail Katcoff
Tamara Kawash
Bishesh Khadka
Claire Khodadad
Srideepti Kidambi
Hyun Jong Kim
Jae Hyun Kim
Julie Kim
Szabolcs Kiss
Michael Kitcher
Kyler Kocher
Nicole Kramer
Calvin Krikorian
Sapna Kumari
Eric Lacava
Alicia Lai
Maxwell Lancaster
Ma. Czarina A. Lao
Michelle Lauer
Jennifer Lauv
Mariya Layurova
Diego Lazares
Gregory Lee
Yu Na Lee
Jennifer Lee
Nayoung Lee
Veronica Lee
Amanda Lee
Jasmine Lennert
Fengping Angela Leong
Jiahao Li
Jingyu Li
Christine Li
Elizabeth Li
Stephen Li
Catherine Li
Travis Libsack
Caroline Liu
Jacquelyn Liu
Jenny Liu
Alonzo Lopez
Jocelyn Lorrey
William Loucks
Henry Love
Amanda Lowery
Timothy Lu
Sabrina Lui
Jingya Luo
Sammy Luo
Hope Lutwak
Trang Luu
Ian Macfarlane
Tomohiro Maeda
Arden Marin
Elizabeth Martin
Nicholas Martin
Marayna Martinez
Ashley Masucci
Dian Mattingly
Matthew McClain
Miranda Mcclellan
Patrick Mcclure
Ann Mcinroy
Barry Mcnamara
Sarah Melvin
David Merchan
Zachary Michaud
Zachary Miller
Natalie Mionis
Luis Mora
Vitoria Moreno-Costa
Kevin Morrow
Lester Mount
Katherine Muhlrad
Ellen Mule
Chitraang Murdia
Benjamin Myers
Andres Nater
Sarah Nathaniel
Michelle Noh
Sean Noriega
Patricio Noyola
Afika Nyati
Richard Oates
John Nicholas Oconnell
Cutter O'connell
Nneoma Okonkwo
Mercedes Ondik
Nitah Onsongo
Or Oppenheimer
Alexis Oriole
Xhidae Otam
Elliot Owen
Alex Pacheco
Apekshya Panda
Elyse Paneral
Jonathan Paras
John Parsons
Emily Penn
James Peraire-Bueno
Navil Perez
Christian Perez
John Peurifoy
Aasavari Phanse
Kade Phillips
Kyle Pina
Colin Poler
Roma Pradhan
Smriti Pramanick
Bruno Prela
Rachel Price
Ryan Prinster
Katherine Prutz
Karen Pulido
Tina Quach
Alexander Queen
Alejandro Ramos
Samuel Ravnaas
Fanomezana Razafindrakoto
Justin Reid
Elizabeth Reilly
Oliver Ren
Daniel Rigobon
Gabrielle Rivera
William Rodriguez
James Roggeveen
Annika Rollock
Hannah Rudoltz
Julia Rue
Wesley Runnels
William Ruschel
Samantha Russman
Sagnik Saha
Hind Saleh
Brandon Sanchez
Erica Santana
Prakriti Sardana
Sylvia Sarnik
Mariah Savoie
Mehmet Savran
Alisha Saxena
Joshua Scherrer
Timothee Schoen
Katheryn Scott
Tal Scully
Tchelet Segev
Jack Serrino
Kathryn Sessa
Henry Shackleton
Katherine Shade
Rianna Shah
Jacqueline Shen
Brian Shimanuki
Elisheva Shuter
Bristy Sikder
Katherine Silva
Jacqueline Simmons
Taylor Sims
Ariela Slutsky
Tara Smith
Samuel Song
Alexandra Sourakov
Mary Spanjers
Rahul Sridhar
Valeria Staneva
Emily Stanford
Alexandra Stanton
Caspar Stinn
Jeremy Stroming
Haley Strouf
Camille Stubbe
Jessica Sun
Cathy Sun
Fransisca Susan
Aya Suzuki
Kyle Swanson
Katelyn Sweeney
Joseph Taglic
Ertem Nusret Tas
Yanisa Techagumthorn
Lauren TenCate
Megan Thai
Craig Thorburn
Rachel Thornton
Sophia Tigges
Joshua Tomazin
Stephen Townsend
Robert Tran
Andrew Trattner
Laura Treers
Justin Tunis
Dora Tzeng
Isaiah Udotong
Anuhya Vajapey
Amy Vanderhout
Alexandria Velez
Sydney Volanski
Aaron Vontell
Eric Wadkins
Nikita Waghani
David Walter
Nicholas Waltman
Jing Xian Wang
Li Wang
Mark Wang
Colin Webb
Luke Weisenbach
Katherine Weishaar
Talia Weiss
Malcolm Wetzstein
Duncan Wheeler
Matthew White
Dencil Wilmot
Tessa Winkel
Ethan Witt
Kelsey Wong
Joshua Woodard
Jerry Wu
Chun Chun Wu
Henry Wu
Amanda Wu
Kerrie Wu
Michelle Wu
Brian Xu
Rachel Yang
Mengjiao Yang
Stephen Yearwood
Richard Yip
Emily Young
Katherine Young
Kimberly Yu
Erica Yuen
Thomas Zelaya
Jingyi Zhao
Kimberli Zhong
Calvin Zhong
Emily Zhu
Kimia Ziadkhanpour
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