The 1930's and 40's

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Before 1933, the dormitories housed a mix of undergraduate and graduate men. With the opening of the East Campus Alumni Houses (beginning with the '93 dorm, now called Bemis, in 1925), MIT had enough dormitory space to convert 4 Ames Street into Graduate House. In 1934, Holman, Nichols, and Crafts became graduate halls. By 1936 the entire house became Graduate Hall. The 1936 Technique describes the new facilities of Graduate Hall: a Ware reading room, a private dining room in the basement of Ware, and Crafts Library.

Seniors returned to the dormitory in 1939 with the purchase, renovation, and conversion of the Riverbank Courts Hotel, what is now Ashdown.

Baker House, during its construction, was called "the new Senior House", and its completion marked Senior House's return to a dormitory for all classes.

These images show the walkway in front of Atkinson through the year.

These images show an ivy covered Runkle and grassy courtyard.

This photograph shows an interior view of a Senior House library, perhaps the Crafts Reading Room (now Wadleigh room).