Senior house tends to take care of its own problems. I don't even know if we have any rules. We probably do. Stay posted. More importantly... stay alert.

We send a representative to DormCon.

The Man (sort of) - Fall 2013

Haus Manager Kenneth H. Wolff
Has an office right across from desk by the front door. That way he can watch you...
Haus Master Augustin Rayo
He lives in the back of the building in Crafts. The door is on the first floor.
Graduate Resident Tutors (GRTs) Chester Chu
The prettiest one of all! First floor.

Maria Luckyanova and Billy Putnam
Second floor.

Jesse Austin-Breneman and Silvia Robles
Third floor.

Angela Kilby and Josiah Seale
Fourth Floor + Towers.

Elected House Officers - Spring 2014 through Fall 2014

President Rodrigo Lopez Uricoechea
Secretary Hansa Srinivasan
Treasurer Blake Jackson
JudComms Emilee Johnson
Laura Zhang
Xitlali Juarez
Blake Jackson
Victoria Xiao
SocComms Rin Yunis
Ilana Porter
Room Assign-
ment Chairs Emilee Johnson
Adrianna Rodriguez
Bondage Comm Victoria Xiao

Appointed House Positions - Fall 2014

CPW Chairs Dang Pham
Rucha Mehendale
Alexander Campillanos
REX Chairs Jasmeet Arora
Kamilla Tekiela
I3 Chair Ilana Porter
Residential Computer Consultants RCC home page
Haus Historian Xitlali Juarez
Mural Comm Rin Yunis
Piano Comm Ming Ong
Stereo Comm Emilee Johnson
Tool Comm Jesse Austin-Breneman
Web Comm Blake Jackson
Weight Comm Alex List
Cat Comm Mark Stanclik