Hello, frosh. Welcome to MIT. You've got roughly 4 years of pain and suffering ahead of you, unless you choose to drop out or become a humanities major. That said, it is possible to have some really fucking good times here. Life's too short to spend four years sitting at a desk, staring at textbooks-- get out, meet people, do some cool things.

Senior Haus has a wide assortment of people in many different flavors and colors, some of whom might actually be friends with you. We often hang out in the courtyard listening to music, tire swinging, or just chilling, so feel free to drop by and get to know us. We won't laugh if you dress funny. We will laugh if you smash into the tree though.

Not Frosh

Chances are if you want to live with us, you already know something about Senior House. We're pretty chill. Some areas of the haus are noisy; others are quiet. Some areas are smoky, others are pollutant-free (or as close as one can get in the Boston area.) Sometimes there's loud music in the courtyard late at night. Often you'll see people tire swinging out back.

The haus has numerous subcultures. If you want to live here, you should find a small group of people that you'd like to live with, and convince them that they want to live with you. (Oh, and you also need to apply for housing with the Housing Office. That could take a while to work out.) Once the Housing Office has assigned you to Senior House, then our Room Assignment Chairs will do their very best to assign you to someplace you want to be. Offering them cookies helps.