Senior House

Steer Roast

This year's Steer Roast will be May 2nd - May 4th, 2014.

The Veeps this year are Marisa Fryer and Laura Zhang.

2014 Registration is now closed

Questions, Quandaries, Want To Volunteer?:
* For food related questions, or to volunteer for food stuff, contact Rodrigo Lopez-Uricoechea at
* To volunteer as a fascist, contact Blake Jackson at
* For art related questions, or to contribute an art project, contact Alina Kononov at
* For questions about this webpage, contact Blake Jackson at


Remember that Steer Roast is rain or shine. Show goes on.

Friday, 5/2/14 You must be registered to enter the courtyard or building.
6:00pmMud Wrestling
9:00pm-1:00amDecrepit Existence, Wakes, Snowmine, Slow Magic
1:00amFriday Night Events end
Courtyard closes for the night (save for Meatwatch). Get out. Seriously, leave.
Saturday, 5/3/14 The Haus is open on Saturday afternoon for the Feast, but Saturday night is a closed event. You must be registered to enter the courtyard or building on Saturday night.
2:00pmThe Feast
Food Tickets are $15 ($12 if you hate meat). There will be a skit, a performance by the Logarhythms alumni, and general merriment.
9:00pm-1:00amNew Limits, Bent Shapes, Potty Mouth, Speedy Ortiz
10:00pmRogue Burlesque
1:00amSaturday Night Events end
Courtyard closes for the night. Go away.

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