Rafeal Reif-Provost

Lorna Gibson-Associate Provost

Daniel Hastings- Dean for Undergraduate Education

Ike Colbert- Dean for Graduate Education

Beth Conlin-LfEE

Sally Susnowitz - Public Service Center

Peter Cooper - Dept. of Facilities

Steve Lanou - Environmental Sustainability

Laxmi Rao - IS&T

Leon Glicksman - Energy Initiative, Architecture and Mechanical Engineering Professor

Ernie Moniz - Energy Initiative Director, Co-director of LfEE, Department of Physics

Bill Van Schalkwyk - Director EHS

Christina Ruhfel- Institutional Initatives

Mujid Kazimi- Former ERC Member, Nuclear Science and Engineering Professor

Rebecca M. Henderson- Energy Initiative Member, Management Professor

Sossi Aroyan- Environmental Task Force Member

Penny Chisholm- Environmental Task Force Member, Civil and Environmental Engineering Professor

Jeffrey Steinfeld- Environmental Task Force Member, Professor of Chemistry

Claude Canizares-Environmental Task Force Member, VP for Research & Assoc Provost, Prof of Physics

Edward Boyle-Environmental Task Force Member, Earth Atmospheric and Planetary Science Professor

Amanda Graham-LfEE

Ahmed Ghoniem-Mechanical Engineering Professor

Roman Stocker-Civil and Environmental Engineering Professor

Kerry Emanuel-Earth Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences Professor

Michael Golay-Nuclear Science and Engineering Professor

2007 Administrative Leader Attendees:

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2007 Student Leader Attendees:

Kathreen Thome- SfGS Part of Closing the loop

Ari Shaprio- SfGS

Jialan Wang -SfGS Part of Closing the loop

Daniel Edgerton-MIT Energy Club

James Schwartz-MIT Energy Club

Jonathan Krones-UA Committee on Sustainability

Elsa Olivetti - MIT Generator

Kendra Johnson - SAVE

Kara Penn - S*, MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative