Closing the Loop

Jialan Wang, Kendra Johnson, Dan Wesolowski


Soren Harrison

Environmental Audit Toolkit for MIT Departments

Frank Hebbert


Joe Roy-Mayhew, Sam Fox, Jillian James, Teresa Gomez

Live Electricity Metering in MIT Dorms

Austin Oehlerking, Michael Chiu, Bryan Urban, Vrajesh Modi

MIT Generator

Adam Siegel, Chris Kempes

MIT Electric Vehicle Team

Stephanie Bachar, Irene Berry, Sam Jasinski, Manolis Kasseris, Karen Krucik, Jeff McAulay, Sean Pont, Josh Siegel, Craig Wildman

Risk Based Analysis of Sodium Cooled Fast Reactors

Matthew Denman

Bicycle Powered Laptop

Kendra Johnson

Dorm Electricity Competition

Tim Grejtak, Ariel Esposito

Community Water Treatment in Santa Ana, Ecuador

Kendra Johnson


Todd Schenk

MIT Vehicle Design Summit

Brian Coffey

MIT Energy Agents

Beaudry Kock

Nuclear Chemical Engineering Contributions to Sustainable Nuclear Energy

Chris Boyce

The Pledge of Social and Environmental Responsibility

Caitlin Bever


Kat Potter, Bo Zhao, Eva Cheung, Murtaza Nek

Solar Decathalon

Sage Radachowsky, Kurt Keville

Retrofit MIT

Chris Kempes, Carrie Brown, Adam Siegel

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