MIT Student Financial Services How will I afford an MIT education

PAYMENTS calculator

After you enter a total amount you need to finance for the academic year and hit "Calculate," you'll see a table showing approximately how much you'll pay per month and per year by using different combinations of Federal Direct PLUS Loan and cash-on-hand payments.

We use the Federal Direct PLUS Loan as an example, but SFS will process any private loan you obtain. There may be other loans with more favorable terms. You should carefully research all available loans to find which have the best rates and conditions for you.

Please note, the figures reported here are for illustrative purposes only, and may not represent the final payment amounts. For the PLUS loan, the monthly payment assumes no change in the current projected interest rate of 6.41%. There is an upfront charge of $85/year for enrolling in the MIT Monthly Payment Plan. Disbursements for the PLUS loan will subtract an origination fee.

CAUTION: These results are not intended to provide your actual payment figures. This calculator aims only to demonstrate the general results of different financing options.

Amount to Finance:

If you borrow the entire amount you need, your monthly payments are low, but at the end of a year, you've barely made a dent in the principal you owe. The less you borrow, the sooner you'll finish paying for your education – and the less you'll pay.