MIT Student Financial Services Bills


Each MIT student has a student account – a cumulative record of charges from MIT and credits (such as scholarships, loans and payments).

Who gets the bill?

We bill the student – but if you’re an undergraduate, we recommend that you set up one or both of your parents as authorized payers in MITPAY, a secure, paperless online billing and payment system (MIT does not send out paper bills to current students). Parents will not get any direct billing information unless their student has performed this step first.

We bill you by posting a monthly student account billing statement on MITPAY. By the 10th of any month in which there’s a new charge or credit on your account, SFS will send you and your authorized payer (if any) a courtesy e-mail reminder to check your statement and pay any balance due.

How can I make payments?

The best method is electronic payments from a U.S. bank account through MITPAY. This is a secure and paperless way to pay your MIT bills, and there’s no additional charge.

There are two different ways to access MITPAY. Click on one of the links below:

To make electronic payments, click on “Make Payment” in the menu in the upper left-hand corner of your MITPAY screen.

If you can’t pay the full amount due by the deadline, you have the option of dividing your total annual bill into eight monthly payments under the MIT Payment Plan. Click here to learn more about how the plan works, and to submit an application.

For details on other ways to make payments, click here.

What’s on the bill?

Your student account shows charges for services that MIT provides directly, including:

  • tuition and fees
  • on-campus housing
  • TechCASH account charges (if you elect to pay them through your student account)
  • MIT student extended insurance plan
  • medical charges
  • library fines

Your student account does not include charges for:

  • books
  • off-campus housing (including all MIT-affiliated fraternities, sororities and independent living groups)

When are major charges billed?

Tuition, the student life fee, the MIT student extended insurance plan, and undergraduate on-campus housing are billed on the first statement for of each term as shown below. All other charges, including on-campus housing for graduate students, are posted monthly by the 10th of the month after the charge is incurred.

Payment due date
Fall July 10 August 1
Spring December 10 January 1
Summer June 10 July 1

Full payment of your balance is due on the first of the following month, unless you have made other arrangements such as signing up for the MIT Monthly Payment Plan.

Getting help

Contact your Counselor for Customer service with further questions about billing and payment.


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