MIT Student Financial Services Bills

Charges on your bill

If you have a question about a charge, please contact the office or department that assessed the charge (see list below). Only charging offices, not SFS, may authorize adjustments to charges. Click here for a partial list of departmental contacts. Each department's phone number will appear on the same line as the charge in your MITPAY statement.

If you want to formally dispute a charge, you must contact your Counselor for Customer Service in writing within 60 days after the date of the statement on which the charge first appeared (see “In Case of Errors or Questions About Your Bill” on the second page of the PDF printout of your MITPAY statement).

Paying specific items on your bill

If you want to apply payments to a specific item, such as tuition, you must pay in person. If you pay electronically or through the mail, payments are automatically applied to the oldest charges first.

The following is a partial listing of offices that may make changes to your student account.


Campus dining

Office of Campus Dining W59-200 617-253-4875

MIT offers a variety of dining options to satisfy your eating preferences, from full board plans to more flexible selections, depending on your residential community. Students may also create declining balance TechCASH accounts to use their ID cards to make cashless purchases at any of MIT's dining halls, restaurants, coffee shops and convenience stores. If you choose to live in one of the five undergraduate residences with dining services (Baker House, Maseeh Hall, McCormick Hall, Next House or Simmons Hall), you are required to sign up for a House Dining meal plan and are billed based on the plan chosen.

Fellowships, RAs and TAs

Office of the Dean for Graduate Education 3-138 617-253-4860
Academic departments Contact the specific department

Your department makes graduate awards, and the department administrator posts it to your student account. Some of these awards include the MIT Student Extended Insurance Plan. If you have a question about your award, including charges for hospital insurance, contact your department administrator.

If your award is not on your student account statement, contact your department administrator first. Only contact your Counselor for Customer Service if the award will be late and you are concerned about late fees.


Undergraduate housing W59-200 617-253-2811
Graduate and family housing graduatehousing@
W59-200 617-253-5148
Housing damage charges Contact the residence house manager

MIT Housing bills your specific room charge, including tax, if you reserved a room. Since Housing does not know which room a freshman will have until after the summer housing lotteries, freshmen are billed the average weighted housing charge in July. In September Housing adjusts this figure up or down based on the actual price.

Library fines

Contact any library circulation desk.

It's important to pay overdue fines at the library as soon as they're incurred. Questions about overdue library materials or lost books should be directed to the circulation desk at the charging library. For general information about the MIT Libraries, click here.

Loans, scholarships and grants

SFS Student Financial Aid 11-320 617-253-4971

We are not able to disburse financial aid to your student account until after you register and complete all the necessary steps, such as signing a promissory note in the case of a loan. If you complete the financial aid application process and have an award we will post anticipated scholarship and loan payments which remain on your student account until June 15 for the summer term, September 15 for the fall term, and February 15 for the spring term. These anticipated payments reduce the payment due so you can register.

If you are expecting a scholarship from an outside source, such as a National Merit or Achievement Scholarship, we credit that scholarship to your student account after you have registered for the term. Please send or bring outside scholarship checks to the Student Services Center, Room 11-120. Questions about your outside scholarship may be sent by e-mail to

We require first-time student loan borrowers – even if you had a student loan prior to coming to MIT – to fulfill a loan entrance counseling requirement before loan funds can be disbursed to your student account.

Medical charges

MIT Medical -- Health Plans E23-308 617-253-4371
MIT Medical -- Patient Billing E23-398 617-258-5336
MIT Graduate Dental Insurance -- Dental Plans 3-138 617-253-4860

Massachusetts requires hospital insurance for all regular (and some special) MIT students. However, if you have equivalent coverage, you may be able to waive this charge via the MIT Medical Health Plans online waiver system. If you have questions about your hospital insurance charge, how to waive coverage, or add family members to your contract, contact the Health Plans Office.

The only way to waive the MIT student extended insurance plan is by submitting an online waiver request. If you submitted an online request that does not appear on your first statement sent in July, subtract the charge from the amount due, but definitely follow up with the Health Plans Office if the student hospital insurance charge appears on subsequent statements.

Parking and MBTA T-Pass program

Parking and Transportation Office W20-022 617-258-6510

If you have questions about MIT parking regulations or violations and the MBTA T-Pass Program, please call the Parking and Transportation Office.

TechCASH accounts

Card Services W20-021 617-253-0364

As a student you are eligible to participate in TechCASH, an MIT declining-balance spending plan. You apply online and fund your TechCASH account either by using a credit card or billing your student account. With TechCASH, you can use your MIT ID as if it were a debit card to make purchases at dining facilities, bookstores, convenience stores, laundry machines, vending machines and CopyTech centers.

Your TechCASH account remains active until you cancel it. If you have a balance, MIT carries it forward from semester to semester and year to year. If you account is inactive for more than 120 days with a balance greater than $10 MIT automatically closes it and the balance is refunded.


Registrar’s Office 5-111 and 5-119 617-258-6409

The Registrar’s Office assesses tuition (click here for detailed figures). Your first bill of the term has a standard tuition charge. The Registrar’s Office can revise tuition charges for special, non-resident, study abroad and undergraduate light-load students. Please notify your Counselor for Customer Service if you expect such a tuition adjustment. Keep in mind that an adjustment in your tuition may affect your financial aid or graduate award.

Veterans' benefits

Student Financial Services 11-120 617-258-8600

If you receive or are expecting to receive veterans' benefits, you must verify your enrollment with SFS each fall and spring term to be certified. If you begin or end your enrollment with IAP, you also must have your enrollment certified for IAP (this requirement does not apply to students who are enrolled for both the fall and spring terms of a given academic year). You can do this by submitting a copy of the approved registration form to SFS in 11-320. You may also wait until registration information appears online, typically the second week of the term.

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