MIT Student Financial Services Financial Aid

Finalizing undergraduate aid awards

You must complete these steps to finalize your financial aid award so we can disburse the financial aid to your student account at the same time as we bill you for tuition, fees, and other Institute charges.

1. Parents’ federal income return, schedules and W-2s

Deadline: April 15

  • If you have not yet submitted your parents’ federal income tax return, from the most recent tax year, you must do so even if you received a tentative award based on your parents’ previous year federal income tax return.
  • Please submit the federal income tax return, schedules and W-2s through IDOC as soon as they are available.
  • Important: Do not send tax documents to MIT by e-mail.  We are unable to process electronic or scanned copies of U.S. and Canadian tax forms.
  • For families who are required to file Schedule K-1 of IRS Forms 1041, 1120S, 1165 or 4970, we need to receive these schedules and forms as well.

2. Outside Award Reply Form

As Soon as Possible

  • Formerly known as the"Self Help and Outside Award Reply Form". If you are awarded any outside scholarship, please fill out this form and return it to Student Financial Aid. You do not need to fill out this form if you are not receiving any outside scholarships.
  • You may need to submit a revised version of this form if there are changes in your outside scholarships, grants or benefits.
  • You can use the same form for your initial and revised submissions. Just check the appropriate box if it is a revised version.
  • Self-help is awarded automatically based on your preferences in the FAFSA. If you wish to change your work/loan balance, please contact your financial aid officer.

3. Student Information Review Form

As Soon as Possible

  • If you are awarded a MIT scholarship, you must complete this form so we can see if you meet the additional restrictions or preferences of one of our “named” MIT scholarships.
  • You receive the same amount of MIT scholarship regardless of whether you meet a restriction or preference of a “named” MIT scholarship.

4. Student and Parent Loans

Deadline: As soon as possible

If you or your parents are borrowing, there may be additional steps to follow depending on a few factors.

  • If this is the first time you are borrowing as an MIT student, you will need to complete loan entrance counseling. For Federal Direct Loans visit to complete loan entrance counseling and sign a master promissory note. For Federal Perkins Loans visit iPROMise to complete loan counseling and sign a master promissory note.
  • You will also need to sign a promissory note. If the loan program has a master promissory note, you only sign once as an MIT student; otherwise, you sign each time you borrow from that program.

For more information, see the instructions for the loan program(s) from which you or your parents are borrowing.

5. Student Employment

Deadline: When you first arrive on campus

If you plan to get a job on campus, there are four steps you must take:

  • Complete the federal I-9 form. It’s quick and only needs to be done once while you’re at MIT. Stop by SFS Student Employment and make sure you bring an original passport, an original Social Security card, or a certified copy of your birth certificate with a raised seal and picture ID.
  • If you have not yet reported your Social Security number to MIT, please do so by using WebSIS. If you do not have a Social Security number, you’ll have to get one if you plan to work at MIT. More information on how to obtain a Social Security number is available on the Social Security Administration web site.
  • Set yourself up with direct deposit so if you work at MIT, you can be paid electronically. The direct deposit authorization form (the same form for all MIT employees) is available online.
  • Check the SFS job listings for other employment opportunities.
Important Sites Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
When you complete the FAFSA online, be sure that you and your parents obtain PIN numbers to sign electronically or submit the signature page as instructed. MIT's FAFSA Code is 002178.

CSS Profile
Apply online at the College Board website. MIT's CSS code is 3514. MIT receives your profile data electronically from CSS so you do not send copies or printouts of your application to MIT.

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