MIT Student Financial Services Loans

Employment verification

SFS Student Employment provides verification of past employment for all students who have worked at MIT. We can provide verifications for student employment that took place from 1991 to the present. If you need a verification for someone who held a job at MIT but was not a student at the time, contact Human Resources at 617-253-4251.

Due to privacy rules, SFS Student Employment cannot give out verification information over the phone. All requests for verification must be made in writing. A request must include:

  • Student’s name (while at MIT, if it has since changed)
  • Student’s date of birth
  • Student’s Social Security number
  • A note hand-signed by the student that authorizes us to release information about his or her employment
  • The address or fax number you would like the verification sent to
  • A contact phone number in case there’s a problem with the request.

Requests can either be faxed to us at 617-258-0700 or mailed to:

MIT Student Employment
77 Massachusetts Avenue, Room 11-320
Cambridge, MA 02139

All requests will be processed within three business days, although turnaround time is usually faster than that. The verification will include a list of all positions held while the student was enrolled at MIT, and contact information for each position if you require more details such as hourly wages. The contact information will be for the administrator of the account from which the student was paid (not necessarily the student's direct supervisor).

Filled out your I-9 yet?

Anyone who wants to work at MIT must complete an I-9 form and submit it (in person) in Room 11-120. When you have the right documentation with you, it takes very little time. And it needs to be done only once, as long as you don't take a semester off.