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The Student Hourly Appointment (SHA) Application is used when hiring hourly-paid students, changing the rate or other information for an already-hired student, or terminating a student who is no longer working. Payroll uses the information on this form to activate the student on the hourly student payroll.  The information submitted through this application goes directly to Payroll. 

The SHA can be accessed through the Student Workers tab on SAPweb, and the instructions can be found here.  Use of the SHA requires an MIT web certificate and access is granted through the roles database.  For more information please see the troubleshooting page.
Filled out your I-9 yet?

Anyone who wants to work at MIT must complete an I-9 form and submit it (in person) in Room 11-120. When you have the right documentation with you, it takes very little time. And it needs to be done only once, as long as you don't take a semester off.