MIT Student Financial Services Loans


SFS coordinates part-time and seasonal full-time job opportunities for MIT students. If you want to post a full-time year-round position or an internship, regardless of whether a degree is required, please visit the MIT Careers Office.

SFS maintains a clearinghouse structure; we post positions submitted by internal and external employers on our web site, and interested students then contact the employers directly. This process ensures an open market for our opportunities. Only members of the MIT community have access to the online job listings.

We reserve the right to refuse to list positions. We take no responsibility for screening applicants in any way. The employer accepts full responsibility for any agreements made between employer and prospective employees.

MIT salary policies

Minimum wage

All on-campus work is subject to the MIT minimum wage of $9.50 per hour. Off-campus work is not subject to this restriction. We offer listings of wage ranges for a wide variety of student job types.


Students may only work 40 hours per week at any job or a combination of jobs at MIT. Any hours exceeding this limit must be paid at time and a half. For example, the employer for which a student works the 41st hour of the week must pay him or her time and a half for that hour. The employer for which the student works the 42nd hour of the week must pay him or her time and a half for that hour, etc.

On-call lists

We maintain on-call lists of students who are interested in finding immediate or short-term work. You can browse the lists and contact students directly.

Posting a job

SFS requires all the requested job posting information for office records; however, if you wish to have a specific piece of information omitted from the public listing, you may specify this on the web form. Any missing information will result in your listing not being posted. If you have questions, e-mail or call 617-253-4971.

Before you go to our online job listing form, have the following information ready:

  • The time(s) of year that the job is available (fall/spring, summer, IAP)
  • A complete job description, including any required qualifications.
  • The full name, phone number and e-mail address of the contact person.
  • The complete address of the agency or the home address of individuals who are posting listings for cleaning, child care, and other personal jobs.
  • The hours required and wage offered, or an indication that this information is negotiable.

Hiring a student

If you are an MIT employer, students must meet the following requirements before you can hire them.

  1. The student must be registered for the current term.
  2. The student must have an I-9 form on file in SFS. Everyone in the United States must complete this federal form when beginning a job with a new employer to establish their identity and employment eligibility. This form needs to be completed only once while the student is at MIT. Students should visit SFS (Room 11-120) to obtain and complete the I-9 form.

The Student Hourly Appointment (SHA) Application is used when hiring hourly-paid students, changing the rate or other information for an already-hired student, or terminating a student who is no longer working. Payroll uses the information on this form to activate the student on the hourly student payroll.  The information submitted through this application goes directly to Payroll. 

The SHA can be accessed through the Student Workers tab on SAPweb, and the instructions can be found here.  Use of the SHA requires an MIT web certificate and access is granted through the roles database.  For more information please see the troubleshooting page.

After the job is filled

Please contact SFS at or 617-253-4971 to let us know when your position is filled, so we can remove it from our listings and prevent further calls to you.
Filled out your I-9 yet?

Anyone who wants to work at MIT must complete an I-9 form and submit it (in person) in Room 11-120. When you have the right documentation with you, it takes very little time. And it needs to be done only once, as long as you don't take a semester off.