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Veterans Benefits at MIT

To apply for benefits:

  • Go to VA and apply using VA Form 22-1990, VA Form 22-1990E or VA Form 22-5490.
  • Submit your Certificate of Eligibility to MIT Student Financial Services office or if you are recently separated from the service, we will accept a copy of your DD-214.
  • Submit your Request for Certification of Enrollment for Veteran’s Benefits to SFS.
  • You may submit the Request for Certification of Enrollment for Veteran’s Benefits form first and send MIT your Certificate of Eligibility as soon as it becomes available.
  • Contact the Certifying Officials at if there are any changes to your enrollment, if there are any changes to your health insurance and tuition awards.  A reduction in credit hours or net cost may result in a change of eligibility for benefits even after the funds have been disbursed.

Other information:

  • VA benefits are paid to the student directly by the VA starting one to three months after the enrollment verification. Chapter 33 recipients (Post 9-11 GI Bill) will receive book and basic allowance for housing directly from the VA. The VA will send payment toward tuition and fees directly to MIT.
  • VA benefits will affect your eligibility for MIT undergraduate scholarships/grant aid. They will be treated like an outside scholarship and first reduce the amount of money you are expected to earn during term time and/or borrow, called Self-Help.  If the VA benefits including the allowances paid directly to the student exceed the Self-Help, they will reduce your MIT Grant. If you wish to borrow additional loans, please contact to find out your loan eligibility. This informative pdf explains military student loan benefits.
  • For enrollment certification purposes, 3 MIT units equals 1 VA credit (i.e. 48 MIT units = 16 VA credits).Units are not rounded up so if you are registered for 50 MIT units, you VA credit hours will still be 16 VA credits.
  • Independent Activities Period (IAP)
    • Generally runs for 25 days in January.
    • Registration records may not be available until after IAP so certifications will be done in early February.
    • No tuition is charged but some chapters allow for BAH.
    • Level of benefit for this period depends on a student's type of VA benefit. Chapter 33 (Post 9/11 GI Bill) beneficiaries must be more than half-time (i.e. 3 VA credits of 9 MIT units). The BAH will be prorated by the percentage of attendance rounded up to the nearest 10% (i.e. 9 credits is 75% which becomes 80%) and then by percentage of entitlement.

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