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Outside Award Reply Form

We define outside awards as any private or state scholarship, grant or benefit you receive. This may include merit-based scholarships from private foundations, tuition benefits from your parents' employer or state grant programs. If you do receive an outside award, we apply it to offset part or all of your self-help before we reduce your MIT Scholarship.

Use this form to report any outside scholarships, grants or benefits you will receive for 2014-2015 that are not already listed on your financial aid award. For more information about self-help and outside awards, refer to Financing Your MIT Education. If your outside award information changes after you submit this form, please resubmit this form with your updated information. Upon receipt of this form, we will change your financial aid package based on any outside awards not previously included. We will contact you as necessary with any further information or instructions.

You must have MIT web certificates to send information using this form.

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