MIT Student Financial Services Scholarships, grants and fellowships

Outside scholarships

In addition to applying for need-based aid through MIT or the federal government, many students apply for competitive scholarships as well. These scholarships, called outside scholarships or private scholarships, are competitive, because they are usually awarded on the basis of merit for example, athletic achievement, academic accomplishments or artistic talent. The qualifying criteria are determined by the foundation or the organization offering the scholarship.

Outside scholarships are administered and funded by sources outside of MIT or the federal government. We encourage undergraduates to apply for as many outside scholarships as possible. If you are awarded an outside scholarship, it can reduce the cost of your education by paying for some or the entire self-help component of your aid package. Please contact Student Financial Services with any questions about how an outside scholarship will impact your financial aid award.

Online scholarship search sites

We do not recommend paying for a scholarship search site. Often websites that charge a fee are not reputable and will provide you with information you could have found yourself for free. Check out for more information on scholarship scams. Here are a few good, free scholarship search sites:

Other scholarship sources

  • High school counseling office
  • Civic and community organizations
  • Businesses
  • Employers
  • Professional associations
  • Religious organizations
  • Cultural organizations
  • Local governments
  • Private foundations

Enrollment verification

Some organizations require enrollment verification and/or a copy of your bill before disbursing scholarship funds. You can print a copy of your bill through MITPay. If you require enrollment verification in writing, please contact Student Financial Services.

Submitting a scholarship payment

Please indicate the student’s MIT ID number with the scholarship payment. Scholarship payments should be mailed to:

MIT Student Financial Services - Scholarships
77 Massachusetts Ave, Room 11-120
Cambridge, MA 02139

For scholarship organizations

For agencies looking to share scholarship information with students, MIT is no longer able to post scholarship information on our website. Please refer to the list above to post your information with one of these online resources.