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Ayaboe Edoh ’10

Rockville, Md.
Major: Aeronautics and astronautics

Ayaboe EdohI wanted to attend MIT since about the fifth grade when my sister got in. My brother also attended before her, and both encouraged me to apply. Though I knew it was the best school for what I was interested in (aerospace), I was a bit doubtful that I would be able to go, even if I were to be admitted. Being the fourth child in my family to go to college, I felt it would place too much of a financial burden on my parents (one of whom was unemployed and the other retired), who were still partly paying for my siblings’ education.

MIT has given me the opportunity to explore so many of my interests. From learning more about fluids in the hydrodynamics lab, to joining several on-campus dance groups, to doing crew for the first time – my time at the Institute has definitely given me the chance to experience a lot. The diversity of students is great, and I have gotten the opportunity to meet so many people of different backgrounds, which I feel is crucial in one’s college experience.

To students who may be deterred from even applying to MIT because of the tuition, money should definitely not be a factor. Personally, the ability to pay for college was one of the determining factors on where I would go to college. A state university offered me a full scholarship, and my parents and I were almost certain I was going to go there until we received MIT’s financial aid package, which included a generous scholarship. At that point, I understood how willing the Institute is to work with all families' situations.

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