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October 2013


Name: Stephen C. Graves Department: Sloan School of Management
Date of Birth: November 1951 Place of Birth: Pittsfield, MA
Citizenship: U.S. Marital Status: Married



School Degree Date
Dartmouth College A.B. 1973
Dartmouth College M.B.A 1974
University of Rochester M.S. 1976
University of Rochester Ph.D. 1977

Title of Doctoral Thesis: "The Multiproduct Production Cycling Problem for Stochastic Demand and Finite Production Capacity"

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Principal Fields of Interest

Operations Management
Applied Operations Research

Name and Rank of Other SSM Faculty in Same Field

Gabriel R. Bitran Professor
Charles. H. Fine Professor
Steven D. Eppinger Professor
Georgia Perakis Professor
Retsef Levi


Donald B. Rosenfield Senior Lecturer
Vivek Farias Associate Professor
Itai Ashlagi Assistant Professor
Yanchong Karen Zheng Assistant Professor
Tauhid Zaman Assistant Professor
Zeynep Ton Adjunct Professor

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Non-M.I.T. Experience

Employer Position Date
Educational Testing Service Management Science Analyst Summer 1972
Simonds Saw and Steel Management Science Analyst Summer 1973
University of Rochester Research Assistant Summer 1974
University of Rochester Instructor Summers 75-77
University of Rochester Visiting Research Associate Summers 79-80
Eastman Kodak Management Science Analyst Summers 80-81
Shanghai Institute of Mechanical Engineering Visiting Professor July 82-Jan 83
Optiant Member of Advisory Board 2000 - 2009
Servigistics Chief Scientist 2001 - 2004
JDA Chief Science Advisor 2005 - 2011

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History of M.I.T. Appointments

Rank Beginning Ending
Assistant Professor, Sloan School of Management 7/77 6/81
Associate Professor, Sloan School of Management 7/81 6/87
Professor, Sloan School of Management 7/87  
Leaders for Manufacturing Professor 7/88 6/93
Deputy Dean 9/90 8/93
Abraham J. Siegel Professor of Management 10/95  
Professor, Engineering Systems Division (joint) 7/99  
Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department (joint) 7/05  
Interim Director, Engineering Systems Division 9/12 12/13

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Industrial Consulting Record

Firm and Dates

Bausch and Lomb, 1976; Shycon Associates, 1980 - 1986; GTE Research Laboratories, 1981 - 1982, 1984, 1986; Illinois Central Gulf Railroad, 1982; C.S. Draper Laboratory, 1982 - 1984; ROLM Corporation, 1984, 1993; Palladian Software, 1986; GM Research Laboratories, 1986 - 1997, 2003 - 2004; W.R. Grace, 1987, 1991; Millipore, 1988; WearGuard, 1988; Alcoa, 1993 - 1994; Amazon.com, 2001; Invistics, 2002 - 2005; Servigistics, 2001 – 2003; JDA, 2003 - 2011; Honeywell, 2003; FormFactor 2006; McMaster-Carr 2007.

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Institute Activities

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Professional Activities

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Subjects Taught

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Working Papers and Technical Reports

W1. "The Travelling Salesman Problem and Related Problems," (with B. Gavish), Operations Research Center, M.I.T., Working Paper No. 078-78, July 1978, revised and retitled, March 1981.

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W12. "Making Better Fulfillment Decisions on the Fly in and Online Retail Environment,"(with J. Acimovic and R. Allgor), January 2012, revised January 2013, 33 pp.

Teaching Cases

  1.  Steel Works, Inc, prepared by David Kletter, 1996

  2.  Meditech Surgical, prepared by Bryan Gilpin, 1995.

  3.  Apollo Paper Company, prepared by Charles DeWitt, 1995.

  4.  Use of a Queuing Model to Design a Lean System, prepared by Jamie Flinchbaugh, 2002

  5.  The Challenge at Instron, prepared by Dan Wheeler, 2000.

  6.  H. C. Starck, Inc., prepared by Thomas J. Carroll, 2000.

  7.  Ford Pan-European Durable Containers, prepared by Carmelo Anthony Palumbo, 2002.

  8.  Reebok NFL Replica Jerseys: A Case for Postponement, prepared by John C. W. Parsons, 2005.

  9.  American Axle and Manufacturing: Determining the Optimal Number of Bar Lengths for Axle Shaft Production, prepared by Heath Holtz, 2005. 

  10. Production Planning for Chemical Manufacturing, prepared by Shardul Phadnis, 2007.

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Invited Presentations (Partial List)

1. "Improved Scheduling for Automatic Warehousing Systems: Simulation Tests," (with W.H. Hausman and L.B. Schwarz), Joint ORSA/TIMS National Meeting, New York, New York, May 1978.

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27. "Reducing Flow Time in Aircraft Manufacturing," (with Jackson Chao), ORSA/TIMS National Meeting, San Francisco, October 1992.

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Thesis Supervision (Partial List)

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