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Each semester, the MIT chapter of Sigma Gamma Tau, the national aerospace engineering honor society assembles evaluations taken from nearly all classes in course XVI, Aeronautics and Astronautics at MIT. These evaluations are collected, collated, and summarized in the pages contained within this course evaluation guide. Since the guide focuses on Aero/Astro classes and is evaluated by Aero/Astro students, we hope that it provides an insider's perspective on the department. The Sigma Gamma Tau guide also includes evaluations from a number of graduate-level classes which are not included in the institute-wide evaluation guide.

Course evaluations are based on forms and surveys distributed at the end of each semester. Summaries are written by Sigma Gamma Tau members and reflect the overall class comments and no other input. Members are restricted from writing summaries for classes they have taken or professors with whom they work. The lecturers and teaching assistants are granted access to all (constructive) evaluation comments. However, all comments remain anonymous and are only passed on to others after being typed by SGT members.

If you have any suggestions, other classes you would like to see evaluated, categories you'd like added to the evaluation forms, or anything at all, please send email to sgt-officers@mit.edu. We will take your comments into consideration in future editions of Uncle Walter's Guide to Aeronautics and Astronautics.