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Uncle Walter's Guide to Aeronautics & Astronautics


Lecturer: Prof. Lagace, Prof. Spearing
Next Term: Prof. Spearing
Pre/co requisites: none   Hours From Bulletin: 1-3-2
Response Rate: 11/11 (100.0%) Actual Hours: 1.6-2.3-0.8

Course Ratings Instructor Ratings
Course Difficulty: 3.7 / 7.0
Overall Course Rating: 6.0 / 7.0
Prof. Lagace (L) 6.0 / 7.0
Prof. Spearing (L) 6.0 / 7.0
Kane (T) 5.3 / 7.0

Professors Lagace and Spearing received favorable reviews, although one student stated that some lectures dragged a bit, as did some demos; professor seemed into it, though. Most students felt the pace of the class was good, although several mentioned that the workload in the final few weeks of the course was too high. The students almost unanimously stated that the labs most helped them learn the material. The required text was relevant to the course material, according to most students. Some found the text interesting while others thought it was dull. Some students mentioned other useful resources, including Unified notes, the class' recommended texts, and an encyclopedia of composite materials.

The exams, while considered relevant, were described as too few and too difficult by a few students. In addition, one student commented that "the exam was too vague and was really hard to determine what the professor wanted." Another student felt that the exam was graded harshly. Yet another student suggested that the quiz was difficult for sophomores taking the class. The class had no problem sets, but there was a required final term paper. The students almost unanimously found the term paper to be too long, especially given the short amount of time to complete it. One student summed it up by saying that "the final write-up of everything in a big, thesis-type format is both unnecessary and unenjoyable. Exactly what is expected is unclear."

In general, the students enjoyed 16.202, describing it as a fun, informative, and interesting introduction to composites. Many felt that the material was well-presented, and one student responded that the "demos were relevant and easy to understand." A number of students praised the labs as helpful to learning the material and gaining hands-on experience. The most frequent criticisms of the class were that the final project was too much work in too little time, and that grading could have been more generous and consistent with previous terms. Among the students' suggestions for improving the class were including industry field trips and guest speakers, adding a brief theory section to the class notes, and making the final project more of a competition.

Lagace's cool.

$5 for 20 pages of photocopies is a total ripoff.

Basically the work in TELAC prerequisite...

I was in a 9am lab, some weeks it took 30 minutes, so I had 1.5 hours I could have slept.

Course ratings

was graded fairly: 4.4 / 7.0
was organized and displayed continuity: 5.7 / 7.0
was well-administered: 5.5 / 7.0
had accessible lab facilities: 5.8 / 7.0

Instructor ratings

Instructor Prof. Lagace Prof. Spearing
Gives well-prepared, relevant presentations: 5.9 / 7.0 6.3 / 7.0
Explains clearly, answers questions well: 6.1 / 7.0 6.3 / 7.0
Uses the blackboard and visual aids well: 5.5 / 7.0 5.7 / 7.0
Enunciates clearly: 6.0 / 7.0 6.0 / 7.0
Encourages questions, is sensitive to class: 5.9 / 7.0 6.0 / 7.0
Excites interest and is enthusiastic: 6.3 / 7.0 6.3 / 7.0
Is friendly and supportive: 5.7 / 7.0 5.7 / 7.0
Is available outside of class: 4.1 / 7.0 4.3 / 7.0

Exams, problem sets and projects

Relevancy Length Number Difficulty
Exams 4.4 / 7.0 4.0 / 7.0 3.5 / 7.0 4.5 / 7.0
Exam reviews N/A N/A N/A N/A
Problem sets N/A N/A N/A N/A
Papers / Projects 5.8 / 7.0 5.3 / 7.0 3.9 / 7.0 4.6 / 7.0

Required texts / handouts

Relevancy 5.6 / 7.0
Length 3.8 / 7.0
Interesting? 4.1 / 7.0

Uncle Walter's Guide to Aeronautics & Astronautics