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Uncle Walter's Guide to Aeronautics & Astronautics

16.851 Satellite Engineering

Lecturer: Prof. Hollister
Pre/ co requisites: permission of instructor Hours From Bulletin: 3-0-9
Response Rate: 11/13 (85%) Actual Hours: 3.0-0.0-8.4

Course Ratings Instructor Ratings
Course Difficulty: 4.0 / 7.0
Overall Course Rating: 5.1 / 7.0
Prof. Hollister (L) 5.8 / 7.0

The students felt that the class was interesting and covered the basics of satellite design. Several students said they would have enjoyed a more quantitative or in depth approach, but nearly all the students still considered the material to be a good overview and an excellent foundation. One student rated Professor Hollister's teaching as "very experienced, very interesting".

In general, students felt that the pace of the class was just about right. Nearly all students said that the problem sets and reference texts were most important in learning the material. Most students felt that the exams were reasonable, and felt that the term project was a good change of pace from the problem sets. Several students cited "Space Mission Analysis and Design" by Wertz and Larson as the most useful textbook; some also found the "Satellite Toolkit" to be valuable. Most students felt that little specific background was required, but that a solid background in engineering was very beneficial. Several students felt that satelite design experience or communications experience would also be helpful.

While students enjoyed the class, the had several suggestions including visits to a satellite manufacturer, guest speaker lectures or seminars on current topics, and perhaps a more in depth treatment in selected areas. While one student thought that a standard required textbook would be useful, another liked the fact that the class had no prescribed text.

"This class by Professor Hollister is the reason MIT is MIT."

"Whole Brain Engineering."

Course ratings

was graded fairly: 6.0 / 7.0
was organized and displayed continuity: 5.5 / 7.0
was well-administered: 5.4 / 7.0
had accessible lab facilities: NA

Instructor ratings

Instructor Prof. Hollister
Gives well-prepared, relevant presentations: 5.6 / 7.0
Explains clearly, answers questions well: 5.5 / 7.0
Uses the blackboard and visual aids well: 4.9 / 7.0
Enunciates clearly: 6.0 / 7.0
Encourages questions, is sensitive to class: 6.8 / 7.0
Excites interest and is enthusiastic: 6.3 / 7.0
Is friendly and supportive: 6.7 / 7.0
Is available outside of class: 6.0 / 7.0

Exams, problem sets and projects

Relevancy Length Number Difficulty
Exams 5.0 / 7.0 4.6 / 7.0 4.1 / 7.0 4.7 / 7.0
Exam reviews NA NA NA NA
Problem sets 6.2 / 7.0 4.3 / 7.0 4.3 / 7.0 4.3 / 7.0
Papers / Projects 6.3 / 7.0 4.3 / 7.0 4.0 / 7.0 4.0 / 7.0

Required texts / handouts

Relevancy NA
Length NA
Interesting? NA
Difficulty NA

Uncle Walter's Guide to Aeronautics & Astronautics