Uncle Walter's Guide to Aeronautics and Astronautics

Fall 1997 Edition Credits

Sonia Ensenat
Corinne Ilvedson
Robby Stephenson

Koji Asari
Marshall Brenizer
Margarita Brito
Dennis Burianek
Chris Carr
Barbara A Huppe
Malinda Lutz
Reid Noguchi
Chris Protz
Jonathan Protz
Nicholas Savoulides
Stephanie Thomas
Julie Townsend
Sean Tytler
Scott Uebelhart

(If you see any of these people in the hall,
you are more than welcome to stop them and
thank them, as well as perhaps treat them to lunch.)

Sigma Gamma Tau would also like to thank Marie Stuppard, the Aero/Astro Student Administrator, for collecting the evaluation forms and providing us with much of the class information.
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Uncle Walter's Guide to Aeronautics & Astronautics