A S I A is a collaborative intersection between practitioners, individual scholars and three major Asian Shakespeare projects—the MIT Shakespeare Project, Relocating Intercultural Theatre (National University of Singapore) and A Web Archive of Asian Shakespeare Productions (JSPS Kaken/ Gunma-Doho Universities). A S I A is an extensive on-line archive of Asian Shakespeare productions dedicated to synergizing the field of Asian Shakespeare intercultural performance studies. This interactive, user-driven archive will feature new tools for use by scholars, teachers and audiences.

Research Archive

A S I A will include complete video footage in streaming form for over 50 productions, accompanied by an unprecedented collection of metadata covering 70-100 productions. As of October 2008, we have 33 productions digitized with permissions, and full metadata for 19 productions. All materials in A S I A will be fully vetted by major scholars on the A S I A team and participating collaborators.


  • To assemble and make widely accessible a corpus of Asian Shakespeare theatre materials
  • To promote comparative study of shared issues and performance strategies
  • To foster a research network among practitioners, scholars and teachers

A S I A will include

  1. Full production videos streamed online, together with script translations in multiple languages
  2. Detailed data on each production, including performance forms, staging, receptions and reviews, historical and cultural references
  3. Key comparative search topics
  4. Supplementary materials (programmes booklets, photographs, interviews)

Users of the archive can

  • Watch full production videos with a choice of translated script language
  • Use multi-modal tools to search and compare data at different depths across a range of productions
  • Identify and annotate specific segments, and share comments with each other

A S I A is a collaboration among three Asian Shakespeare projects & individual scholars:

Gunma/ Doho Universities: A Web Archive Of Asian Shakespeare Productions
Dedicated to Japanese Shakespeare productions, A Web Archive (in Japanese) will include a history of productions since the Meiji Period, a list (compiled by Sasaki Tadashi) and overview of productions since the 1990s, annual production lists with detailed comments from 2007, and a bibliography of Shakespeare performance studies in Japan.

NUS: Relocating Intercultural Theatre
A S I A spearheads a multi-modal project in rethinking intercultural theatre from within Asia, which will develop Phase 2 of the archive on Major Asian Directors, linked to a directors’ roundtable and interviews, a scholarly workshop on Asian Avant-Gardes, and a practice-based research project.

MIT: Shakespeare Performance in Asia SPIA will include an educational site on Asian Shakespeare with an extensive library of video clips, introductions to major performers and companies, commentaries and multimedia essays. It will maintain an up-to-date catalogue of Asian Shakespeare productions with basic metadata, which currently includes 214 entries, prepared by Alexander Huang.

Read about the individual collaborators.

Read the PDF version of the A S I A flyer on the National University of Singapore (NUS) website.