Teaching Resources

This is a repository for publicly available information about the teaching curriculum for Tabata Shotokan Karate. All information is copyrighted by Kazumi Tabata and may not be republished without permission.

Requirements for Class "C" Instructor License.

Memorize the basic warmup sequence, starting with beginning class, following with stretches, and then doing warmup of stances, kicks on the ground and against a wall, all upper body techniques, and upper body techniques with movement.

A brief overview of the basic warmup sequence (especially the stretches).

Stance warmup includes stances against the wall, stances using stationary practice, and stances with movement.

Kick warm up includes ground rolling practice for all kicks, kick practice against the wall, and kick practice with movement.

Upper body warmup includes stationary practice of all hand techniques dissected (full motion, just blocking hand, with counterpunch, alternating hands) three times (five for a beginner class) including punch demonstration from how to make a fist, as well as upper body practice with movement.

Full warmup sequence should take 15-20 minutes with an experienced class.