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Chapter History

Since the establishment of the MIT SHPE Chapter in 1987 by students searching for an opportunity to identify themselves as Hispanic engineers, MIT SHPE has expanded from a pilot program of a small devoted executive board to a well developed chapter of over 90 participants. These students want to make use of all the opportunities offered to them by such a reknown institute of higher learning such as MIT. Through the support of a diverse membership, MIT SHPE has never limited its opportunities to engineers alone nor discriminated against anyone regardless of race, sex, religion, or discipline.

MIT SHPE is recognized as a professional organization, and as such, we attempt to provide the fundamentals needed to make wise career choices. In the past year, MIT SHPE has performed a wide range of activities aimed at achieving its mission - to increase the number of Hispanics in engineering and science. In the past, we have worked with the La Pinata program, a service group which provides mentoring and tutoring to latino youths (K-12) in the Jamaica Plain area of Boston. This past year, we have reestablished our relationship with the AHORA program, a local highschool outreach program, and begun a Toys For Tots program as part of our growing community service effort. For our members, a variety of workshops have taken place throughout the year that range from time management skills to resume writing. MIT SHPE also co- sponsored the annual MIT Minority Career Fair, which had over 50 companies in attendance. The fair provides an opportunity for members to obtain summer internships as well as permanent employment after graduation.

Above everything else, SHPE's greatest priority is to insure that we all have successful academic careers. MIT SHPE also provides a support group for Hispanics at MIT, both socially and academically. Through general meetings and social activities, members get more acquainted and develop life-long friendships. MIT students live a rigorous life and we want to make it a more enjoyable experience.


MIT-SHPE Constitution


The name of the organization is The Society Of Hispanic Professional Engineers, Massachusetts Institute Of Technology Student Chapter. Henceforth, the organization shall be referred to as "MIT SHPE".

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  1. Promote the advancement of Hispanic engineers and scientists in education and in future employment.
  2. Improve the retention and enrollment of Hispanic students in engineering and science.
  3. Develop and participate in programs with the university and industry which benefit students seeking technical and science degrees.
  4. Provide a forum for the exchange of information pertinent to the development of future Hispanic professionals.
  5. Develop opportunities in the local Hispanic community.

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MIT SHPE is a not-for-profit organization affiliated with the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, Inc. (SHPE Inc). MIT SHPE possesses the right to adopt its own rules and regulations.


No person shall be denied membership in MIT SHPE because of race, color, sex, disability, nationality, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, or course of study, even though the name "Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers" was chosen.

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  1. College students pursuing a degree in any course of study are eligible for membership.
  2. Active Members are those members that:
    • A. Attend no less than 60% of the general meetings, from the time they attend their first meeting.
    • B. Pay the dues established by MIT SHPE.
    • C. Take active part in SHPE sponsored activities and committees, as specified in a policy developed by the Board at the beginning of each academic year.

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The MIT SHPE Board (Board) consists of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Regional Representative, MIT Corporate/Administrative Liaison, Student Activities Liaison, Community Service Coordinator, Fundraising Coordinator, and Information Resources Coordinator. The order of succession for officers is as follows: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer.

The MIT SHPE Board shall decide how to implement the purpose and objectives of MIT SHPE, and ensure a timely implementation. The Board shall submit votes for regional and national offices, and for any other issues for which MIT SHPE is eligible to vote. At the beginning of the semester, the Board shall produce an Active Member policy, as per Article IV, Section 2, part C. The Board shall assist the Activities Coordinator with the preparation of the SHPE Calendar.

Each officer shall prepare a list of goals within the first two weeks of each semester. Officers shall report their activities at each Board Meeting.

Board meetings shall take place prior to general meetings. At the beginning of the semester, the board shall choose the date, time, and location of Board meetings in a manner that accommodates the needs of all of the officers.

Board members must ensure that their duties are carried out at all times. Board members are ultimately responsible to the membership.


The President shall represent MIT SHPE as the chapter's official spokesperson, and shall oversee all MIT SHPE functions and activities. The president shall oversee the officers and MIT SHPE's day-to-day affairs. The president shall serve as the liaison for the Association of Student Activities (ASA) as well as be responsible for compiling the SHPE agenda for board meetings.


The Vice-President shall assist the President in all MIT SHPE business, and shall act as President Pro Tempore in the latter's absence. The Vice-President shall be designated the MIT Career Fair Co-Chairperson and SHPE Career Fair Committee Chairperson. The Vice-President shall be responsible for the preparation of the Mid-Year Report and the End-of-Year Report that are submitted to SHPE, Inc. The Vice-President shall serve as the Head Committee Chairperson and shall be responsible for ensuring that each of the established committees is fulfilling its responsibilities.


The Secretary shall scribe the minutes of each MIT SHPE meeting and publicly post them within one week of said meeting. The Secretary shall compile the SHPE agenda for general meetings. The Secretary shall register the organization with the Undergraduate Association each academic year. The Secretary shall compile and distribute the student chapter directory. The Secretary shall record the attendance of members at meetings, and shall be responsible for tallying the votes during elections and any other time the Board or the chapter votes. The Secretary shall maintain MIT SHPE resources on the campus computer network, including the mailing lists and the SHPE locker. The Secretary shall ensure proper communication between the MIT Administrative Liaison, the Corporate Liaison, and the Student Activities Liaison. The Secretary shall reserve meeting rooms for the academic school year and shall be responsible for keeping track of points earned by members.


The Treasurer shall maintain books and records of all monies received or disbursed by MIT SHPE. The Treasurer must approve all MIT SHPE expenditures, and shall provide reimbursements in a timely manner. The Treasurer shall coordinate the preparation of a yearly budget for approval by the Board. The Treasurer shall keep records of members who have paid their dues. The Treasurer shall make monthly reports listing all MIT SHPE transactions, liabilities and assets to the Board. The Treasurer shall prepare thank-you letters to organizations that provide unsolicited, general funds or assistance to MIT SHPE. The Treasurer shall prepare a funding request to the Undergraduate Association Finance Board each semester. The Treasurer also will request ACE funding from SHPE National each year.


The Regional Representative shall be a spokesperson for MIT SHPE and shall serve as a liaison between other SHPE chapters and MIT SHPE. The Regional Representative shall maintain constant contact with Professional Chapters in the area, the Regional Student Representative, Sub-Regional Representative and the National Student Representative. The Regional Representative shall be responsible for maintaining an accurate directory of all SHPE chapters in the region, including pending chapters and groups interested in forming new chapters. The Regional Representative shall promote attendance and organize travel to regional and national events, such as conferences. The Regional Representative shall announce regional and national events and information to the membership, and shall be responsible for obtaining copies of Regional and National SHPE Newsletters for MIT SHPE. The Regional Representative shall be responsible for updating MIT-SHPE on the MySHPE website.


The Corporate Liaison shall be a spokesperson for MIT SHPE to corporations and other commercial organizations and to the MIT academic and other administrative offices. The Corporate/ Administrative Liaison shall maintain regular and frequent contact with the Office of Minority Education and the Career Services Office. The Corporate/ Administrative Liaison shall distribute and disseminate information pertinent to the SHPE membership such as job opportunities, UROPs and scholarships. The Corporate/ Administrative Liaison shall also serve as MIT SHPE's representative to IACME, and shall prepare a written and oral report for each of the semesterly IACME gatherings at MIT. The Corporate Liaison shall coordinate workshops sponsored by commercial organizations, fill out company surveys and maintain a record of contacts.


The Student Activities Liaison shall be a spokesperson for MIT SHPE to student groups, organizations, and activities. The Student Activities Liaison shall coordinate events between MIT SHPE and MIT groups, organizations and activities. The Student Activities Liaison shall organize activities and prepare information for the aggressive recruitment of new members. The Student Activities Liaison shall coordinate MIT SHPE sponsored activities for Hispanic Month, Minority Spring Weekend, Activity and Prefrosh Midways, and other activities at which student groups are eligible to participate. The Student Activities Liaison shall keep the membership informed of social, cultural, academic, or any other extracurricular activity of interest going on in MIT and/or the Boston area. The Student Activities Liaison shall also be responsible for the timely distribution of documents pertinent to the organization such as newsletters, flyers, email and phone calls. The Student Activities Liaison shall serve as the head of the Activities Committee. The Student Activities Liaison shall coordinate all food for meetings and events.


The Hispanic Issues Liaison shall be a spokesperson for MIT SHPE to student groups, organizations, and activities. The Student Activities Liaison shall coordinate events between MIT SHPE and MIT groups, organizations, and activities. The Hispanic Issues Liaison shall coordinate MIT SHPE sponsored activities for Mes Latino. The Hispanic Issues Liaison shall also be responsible of compiling and distributing the SHPE calendar of events for each semester and shall represent SHPE in the Office of Minority Education Student Advisory Council (OMESAC).


The Community Service Coordinator shall promote the educational, cultural, and professional advancement of Hispanics in the Boston/Cambridge area. The Community Service Coordinator shall coordinate activities between MIT SHPE members and existing community service organizations. The Community Service Coordinator shall serve as the head of the Community Service Committee.


The Fundraising Coordinator shall prepare funding requests and proposals for MIT SHPE activities and events. The Fundraising Coordinator shall approve all funding requests and proposals submitted on behalf of MIT SHPE, or related to MIT SHPE. The Fundraising Coordinator shall maintain records of all funding requests and proposals, and their outcomes. The Fundraising Coordinator shall ensure that thank-you letters are sent to organizations providing funds or services to MIT SHPE or its members as a result of a proposal or request. The Fundraising Coordinator shall ensure compliance with any conditions under which funds or services are provided. The Fundraising Coordinator shall serve as the head of the Fundraising Committee.


The Information Resources Coordinator shall be responsible disseminating information pertinent to MIT SHPE. The Information Resources Coordinator shall receive said information from other officers and from members. The Information Resources Coordinator shall compile two editions of the MIT SHPE Newsletter each semester, and shall solicit articles for the newsletter. The Information Resources Coordinator shall compile an edition of the SHPE Update for each general meeting. The Information Resources Coordinator shall submit articles to other publications, such as the OME Spirit and the SHPE Regional and National Newsletters. The Information Resources Coordinator shall submit a photograph of MIT SHPE to the MIT Yearbook Staff. The Information Resources Coordinator shall serve as the head of the Information Resources Committee. The main responsibility of the Information Resources Coordinator is serving as webmaster of MIT-SHPE.

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A quorum shall consist of two-thirds of the officers and two-thirds of the active membership.


MIT SHPE active members may attend Board meetings. The time and location of the Board meetings shall be announced to the general membership.

General membership meetings shall be held approximately once every two weeks. The SHPE calendar shall list the scheduled general meetings.

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  • A. Only Active Members in good academic standing are eligible to be nominated for office.
  • B. Nominations shall take place at the second to last scheduled meeting. Nominations may also be submitted, in writing, to the Secretary two days prior to the nominations meeting.
  • C. In order to be considered, nominations must be seconded.
  • D. Nominations for President shall be held first, followed by nominations for the other offices, in the order listed in Article V of this constitution.


  • A. Annual elections shall take place during the last scheduled meeting of the academic year.
  • B. Only Active Members are eligible to vote.
  • C. Elections may be held only in the presence of a Quorum of members. If a Quorum is not present at the elections meeting, elections shall be held before the end of the semester at an emergency meeting.
  • D. An absentee vote shall be accepted if submitted in a sealed and signed envelope to the Secretary prior to the elections.
  • E. Voting shall be by secret ballot, and a plurality of votes shall constitute a win. The Secretary shall tally the votes and disclose the winner.


  • A. Newly elected officers shall assume office as soon as they have been successfully installed.
  • B. Officers shall be installed no later than the end of the semester.
  • C. Installation shall take place upon completion of the Officer in Training Workshop. Both the outgoing and newly elected officers shall attend this workshop. In the course of this workshop, newly elected officers shall be briefed on their duties and responsibilities, and shall be given materials and documents relevant to their office.
  • D. The outgoing president shall install the newly elected president. The newly installed president shall then the install the other officers, in the order listed in Article V.

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  • A. An officer wishing to resign shall submit a letter of resignation to the President or Vice-President at least two weeks prior to the date of intended resignation.
  • B. The resignation shall be presented at the subsequent board meeting. After discussion amongst the Board, the letter of resignation shall be read before the general membership.
    • i. For any of the following offices, President, Vice-President, or Secretary, the vacancy shall be filled by order of succession, as defined in Article V. If the next officer in line is unable to succeed the vacancy shall be filled as follows: a) The positions of President and Vice-President must be filled by a current board member at the board meeting in which the resignation is made known. b) The positions of Secretary and Treasurer may be opened up to the general membership at the next general meeting, but should be temporarily filled by a current member of the board until the new election is held.
    • ii. For any of the offices not mentioned in part i, nominations shall be accepted, as per Article VII, Section 1, at the general meeting. Elections shall be held, as per Article VII, Section 2, at the same general meeting.


  • A. When any member feels that an officer is not fulfilling their duty, the following steps will be taken:
    1. The officer in question shall meet with the member within seven days after the member contacts the officer. At the meeting, both the officer and the member shall make a sincere effort at resolving the situation. If either the member or officer do not agree on a resolution at said meeting, the action in Step 2 shall be taken.
    2. The member shall present the matter to the President, or to the Vice-President if the President is the officer in question. The President or Vice-President and the member shall meet within seven days after the member speaks with them. At said meeting, the President or Vice-President, and said member, will make a sincere effort to resolve the matter. If either the member or the President or Vice-President do not agree on a resolution at said meeting, the action in Step 3 shall be taken.
    3. The matter shall be placed on the agenda for discussion at the next Board meeting. The Board shall make a sincere effort to resolve the situation, possibly by assigning another officer to assist the officer in question with their duties and responsibilities. The Board must take action within seven days of said Board meeting. If either the Board or the member do not agree on a resolution at said Board meeting, the action in Step 4 shall be taken.
    4. At the next Board meeting, the Board shall decide whether to remove the officer in question from office by a secret-ballot vote. If two-thirds of the Board members are in favor of removal, the officer will be removed from office, and the office will be filled as per Section I, Part B. If the Board does not remove the officer, the action in Step 5 shall be taken.
    5. A resolution shall be chosen via arbitration. The arbitrator shall be MIT SHPE's MIT sponsor, or any unbiased individual agreed upon by both the member and the officer in question. Arbitration will taken place within ten days of the last Board meeting, or at the earliest possible time that the arbitrator is available. The arbitrator's decision shall be final.

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  1. Proposed amendments must be submitted in writing to the Board. In order to be considered by the general membership, the amendment must either be passed by the Board, or must be endorsed by twenty percent (20%) of the active membership. The Board will review the amendment at the next Board Meeting. The proposed amendment will be subsequently presented to the membership at the next general meeting. A three-fourths majority of the active membership is required to amend the constitution.
  2. The MIT SHPE Chapter agrees to abide by the rules and regulations of the Association of Student Activities (ASA). This constitution, amendments to it, and the by-laws of this organization shall be subject to review by the ASA Executive Committee to ensure that they are in accordance with the aforementioned rules and regulations.

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This Constitution will be ratified by a two-thirds majority of the active membership present at the designated Constitutional general meeting.

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