SIGUS: Special Interest Group in Urban Settlement
Kabul, Afghanistan, 2003

A 1-week workshop was held in January 2003 to develop ideas for rebuilding housing on the periphery of Kabul. Over 50% of Kabul had been destroyed, and 80% of the destruction was in the housing areas of low income. The challenge was to balance the need for rapid housing development with the goal of a planned green city. The 'clients' - the intended users - were UN-Habitat, Municipality of Kabul, and Ministry of Urban Development and Housing. The key resource and mandate was drawn from "PEOPLE'S REBUILDING AND HOUSING DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY" prepared by UN-Habitat in Kabul. Four teams participated, and the teams presented their concepts to the World Bank in Washington, D.C.

The Kabul Challenge

Four Proposals:

Kabul Maghrib
Neighborhood Centers
The New Qala
Urban Management