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Hadley D. Sikes Lab : Opportunities


Graduate Students

The Sikes Lab is looking for highly motivated individuals who are interested in conducting quantitative, mechanistic research in the areas of biochemical engineering and/or polymer engineering. Students who have been admitted to a MIT graduate degree program with backgrounds in chemical engineering, bioengineering, chemistry, cell and molecular biology, microbiology, materials science and engineering or related fields are encouraged to contact Prof. Sikes.

Postdoctoral Scholars

The Sikes Lab welcomes applications from highly motivated postdoctoral scholars interested in conducting mechanistic research in the areas of protein engineering and mammalian cellular response to engineered proteins.


  • Ph.D. in chemical engineering, bioengineering, cell and molecular biology, microbiology, molecular biophysics or related fields
  • Research experience in one or several of the following areas:
    • protein engineering
    • quantitative cellular assays
    • mammalian cell culture
    • microbial cell culture
    • molecular biology

Interested applicants should send an application package (in a single PDF file via email with the subject line 'Postdoctoral Applicant') to Prof. Sikes. The application package should contain:

  • Cover letter describing your interests, experience, career goals, and fit with the lab
  • CV
  • Reprints of peer reviewed publications






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