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Hadley D. Sikes Lab : People

Hadley D. Sikes
Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering
Hadley Sikes Hadley Sikes joined the MIT faculty in the fall of 2009.  She completed undergraduate studies in chemistry at Tulane University and graduate studies in physical chemistry at Stanford University.  This degree work provided an exceptional foundation in fundamental scientific research.  A desire to explore engineering and applied research led to two postdoctoral positions: one in Christopher Bowman’s research group at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and one in Frances Arnold’s research group at Caltech.

Research in the Sikes lab combines the disparate yet complementary expertises gleaned from time spent in world-class physical chemistry, polymer engineering, and protein engineering labs.

JungKyu Lee JungKyu Lee
Postdoctoral associate
PhD, Chemistry, Stanford University, 2010

Sohail F. Ali Sohail F. Ali
Graduate student
SB, Chemical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

Brandon Heimer Brandon Heimer
Graduate student
BS, Chemical Engineering, University of Texas-Austin

Kaja Kaastrup Kaja Kaastrup
Graduate student
BS, Chemical Engineering, University of California-Berkeley

Joseph Lim Joseph Lim
Graduate student
BS, Chemical Engineering, BS, Biochemistry, Univ. of Maryland-College Park

Ji Sam Wong Ji Sam Wong
Graduate student
BS, Chemical Engineering, Cornell University

Kara Huang Kara Huang
Graduate student
BS, Chemical Engineering, California Institute of Technology

Shefali Lathwal Shefali Lathwal
Graduate student
BS, Chemical Engineering, IIT Delhi

Leslie Chan Leslie Chan
UROP Student

Joy Lee

Joy Lee
UROP Student

Kim Barker Kim Barker
UROP Student

Miryam Saad Miryam Saad
UROP Student





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