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Coursework listed includes only those courses directly relevant to my research.



Analysis Design and Management of Information Systems

Systems Development - Professor Tony Cornford (LSE) 

Integrating Information Systems - Professor Stuart Madnick (MIT)

Information Systems - Professor Edgar Whitley (LSE)

Theoretical Foundations of Information Technology - Professor Benjamin Grosof (MIT)

C Programming (NU)



Microeconomic Theory - Professor Frank Fisher (MIT) 

Game Theory - Professor Glenn Ellison (MIT)

Information Economics / Contract Theory - Professor Bengt Holmstrom (MIT)

Economics of Information Technology - Professor Erik Brynjolfsson (MIT)



Econometrics I - Professor Jerry Hausman (MIT)

Econometrics II Simultaneous Equations - Professor Jerry Hausman (MIT)

Non Linear Econometrics - Professor Whitney Newey (MIT)

Advanced Topics in Applied Econometrics - Professor Josh Angrist (MIT)


Strategy / Management of Technical Innovation

Sociology of Strategy - Professor Ezra Zuckerman (MIT)

Organizations and Environments - Professor Pablo Boczkowski (MIT)

Seminar in Strategy - Professor John de Figueiredo (MIT)

Seminar in Management - Professor John Carroll (MIT)

Competing in the Information Age - Professor Richard Nolan (Harvard)

Managing Technical Innovation - Professor Henry Chesbourgh (Harvard)

System Dynamics - Professor Nelson Repenning (MIT)



Social Perspectives on Information Technology - Professor Wanda Orlikowski (MIT)

Social Network Analysis - Professor Keith Hampton (MIT)

Social Network Analysis &  Organizations - Professor Steve Borgatti (BC)


Qualitative Methods

Qualitative Interviewing - (Harvard)

Participant Observation - (Harvard)


Sinan Aral, MSc, Mpp

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