The Sinha Lab currently has the following positions available.

Undergraduate research assistant:
A UROP position is available to help test a novel hypothesis regarding a core impairment in autism. The work will involve collecting and analyzing data from experimental studies with typically developing children as well as those on the autism spectrum. The techniques to be used include electro-encephalography (EEG), eye-tracking and polygraph. Some familiarity with programming and signal processing will be helpful. This project will appeal to those who wish to pursue basic research that has direct relevance to society.
The position will begin in fall, 2014 and can be taken either for credit or pay, 6-10 hours per week. When applying for the position, please indicate any prior research experience, your interest and qualifications, and whether you would like to apply for credit or pay. In order to apply for this position for pay, please contact us by September 15. Research proposals for a paid UROP position will need to be developed and submitted by September 23 through the Simons Center for the Social Brain ( UROP direct funding mechanism. Applications that are not selected by SCSB will automatically be considered for direct funding through the UROP Office.

Postdoctoral position:
Autism is correlated with some intriguing changes in sensory processing. The goal of the project will be to understand the mechanistic underpinnings of sensory hypersensitivities. Why is it that a child with autism is so affected by the hum of a vacuum cleaner or the flickering of a fluorescent light? Will work with children who are developing typically or have a diagnosis of autism, conducting studies that employ video recordings, physiological measurements, and EEG. Responsibilities will include experimental design, data collection, computational analysis, and communication of results via publications and presentations.
Job Requirements:
REQUIRED: a Ph.D. in neuroscience, psychological sciences, computer science, or related field. Should have experience with experimental design and programming, working with young children (five to eight years of age), and computational analyses of high-dimensional data such as videos and EEG traces.

Contact information:
Annie Cardinaux
Technical Associate, Sinha Laboratory
Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139
E-mail: anniec AT